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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious; Elisabeth Hasselbeck Way Outside Her Level Of Competence

 Hasselbeck and the famous Fox News Leg cross. H/T Republican Nut Club

If you have a few minutes watch a video of a Fox News contributor Reverend Jacques Degraff, Democratic strategist take the former "Survivor" model Hasselbeck to school on issues related to race.

Before the video let's establish a few points. First, Fox News's shows are carefully scripted with managers and producers setting show themes and focus (messages and take-aways for show viewers). Show hosts provide on-camera impact delivery with an ever-present ear piece for direction as if leading in a dance routine. Next, Fox News viewers offer fertile fields for sowing the Fox News take-aways. The 360 degree process works like over consumption of one too many cubes of ExLax. 

Another perspective; the temerity of whites who actually seek the quieting of African-American and black voices regarding discrimination, bias, racism and the social intolerant.

Of utmost importance is the absence of comment from Fox News regarding growing exhibitions of overt racist acts and comments directed towards African-Americans from your and my neighbors to the current occupant of the White House.

A little something from Bob Cesca's The Daily Banter....
Right Wing Watch filmed this Wednesday in front of the North Lawn of the White House:

“Hang the traitor!”
“Hang the lyin’ king and traitor!”
“We got rope.”
“Plenty of trees in the front yard.”
“Oh, we got a ton of trees, there’s a fine one right over there.”
“Wouldn’t be the first one hung on one of them trees.”
“You don’t snap his neck, you pull him up and watch him choke to death.
Read more
Fox News feeds its viewers with contempt for black voices against growing oppression from the majority population, yet not one report about white privilege and its over-hanging dominance over minority populations.  

Black voices along with sympathetic whites have throughout US History fought for and derived social benefit for African-Americans in a society of alleged freedom and equality. "Tone-it-down" within the black community would support growing social regressivism in conservative America. I posit Fox News managers and producers know that as fact, but how better to entertain its viewers than to speak of squelching black voices.  

Now for the segment mentioned above...Hasselbeck at her most asinine. I ask TPI readers to forgive a segment of full Hasselbeck. Yes, we are much more cognitive than to give Hasselbeck an extended viewing, but the following segment is an important piece of work

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Way Outside Her Level Of Competence

As we considered the Ignominious for today we ventured outside of the GOP to its dedicated media outlet. While we used Hasslebeck as a whipping post, the real Ignominious is her employer Fox News.

....And The Band Plays On...

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