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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News Bimbo Alert!

The Fox News production team ends the year with yet another example of "The Asinine topped with Leg and Thigh Sauce."  The recipe is the Fox New way of delivering fodder for the less information and while I hate to go here, the less intellectually inquisitive. For those who will seek drama, grasping my careful wording regrading intellect is fruitless.

When a networks feeds its viewing demographics with this, we really shouldn't expect much in cognitive gifts from the host.


Since, I have some detractors who doubt my point on News laced with thighs, you might want to sit and watch the embed segment for a few seconds. If you do not believe the segment snip-it is not staged, I will agree to watch Fox News for five minutes without interruption. Watch as the object of the segment literally leers off camera and appears to take direction from an unknown entity and promptly (on que) raises her skirt for a better thigh shot.

I digress (to make a point).

The host I referenced as an example of "The Asinine topped with Leg and Thigh Sauce" recently spoke of a possible connection between the disappearance of the Indonesian airliner and the metric system. Does Fox News ever take a break for its far Right agenda, with a bit of serious news?

If you want a much more reader friendly view and read regarding the latest "bimbo" segment, I offer a piece from Addictinginfo's Stephen Foster.

I am, however, also going to post the segment for future reference, archiving for those who did not visit with Mr. Foster.

As stated before, we really shouldn't expect much from she hosts If we think a bit deeper, we also must come to a point of realizing these people are carefully scripted. There is a strong prospect the "leg and thigh" host was reading from a script developed for the show's viewers.


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