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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Dally GOP Ignominious: Megyn Kelly Fights Reality While Booking The Wrong Guests To Discuss Race

Megyn Kelly yet again takes up the Fox News fight against the reality of racism against African-Americans. She via her production team actually perpetrates proliferation of racial dogma via the choice of three white males on her December 3rd show for discussion of race related to the recently Grand Jury rulings. In fairness, we will report Kelly also hosted at least one show after the Grand Garner Grand Jury ruling with one black guest. Maybe, Kelly and team find no value in having racially diverse panel discussions. By not acknowledging the questionable Eric Garner Grand Jury ruling, Kelly and team stand in stark contrast to diametrically opposite to many noted conservatives.

Let's run through a quick review of reaction from some on the Right to the Eric Garner Grand Jury ruling.

Glenn Beck via Mediaite
“If you want to have any credibility, you cannot lump Ferguson with this one. This is the New York police completely out of control. They did not murder him, but manslaughter absolutely should have been considered. Why that wasn’t considered is beyond me.”
Mother Jones published a piece with a quick read of a number of conservatives who also did not agree with the Grand Jury decision.

Krauthammer decision "Totally Incomprehensible"

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones wrote very basically and frankly:
The exception to all this was Fox News last night. Megyn Kelly’s coverage proved that there is almost no incident in which a black man is killed by cops that Fox cannot excuse or even defend. She bent over backwards to impugn protesters, to change the subject to Ferguson, to elide the crucial fact that the choke-hold was against police procedure, and to imply that Garner was strongly resisting arrest. Readers know I had very mixed feelings about Ferguson. I’m not usually inclined to slam something as overtly racist. But there was no way to interpret Kelly’s coverage as anything but the baldest racism I’ve seen in a while on cable news. Her idea of balance was to interview two, white, bald, bull-necked men to defend the cops, explain away any concerns about police treatment and to minimize the entire thing. Truly, deeply disgusting.
Kelly went about her form of Fox News propaganda as such:

Kelly and St. Louis County Police Chief after opening her segment with the Mayor of New York. The Mayor of New York video used to open a segment on the day the Eric Garner Grand Jury handed down the no indictment ruling, then hands the mic and camera over to ;high level St. Louis area law enforcement official. Apparently, Kelly and crew found more value in refuting the prospect of race as a factor in the killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner more news and discussion worthy items than obvious police heavy-handed tactics. We recognize the Fox News mission and understand Kelly works at the direction of her managers and production team, but the logic in the construct of the segment was questionable. She followed other conservative in angst toward Mayor DeBlasio's frankly opinion and remarks regarding race.

During the same December 3rd show Kelly invited a couple of noted right-wing pundits on her show to co-sign her show managers theme of the night. An audience pleasing theme: There are no issues of race associated with recent killings of black men. Along with implied support for exoneration of killer cops in both cases. You should note one of the two guest for this segment is former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, felon and commish during active practice of the city's 'Stop and Frisk' policy. 

We offer a graphic that shows the fallacy of New York City's "Stop and Frisk."

How about a look back at a discriminatory policy fully supported y the for commish and seven count felon. As you view the data and graphics think about the Kelly File team's choice of inviting the ex-con on any show to speak about issues of race with regard to policing the streets of New Yore City. I should add in the  context of what follows. 

Huffington Post May 2012
Disproportional Number Of Blacks And Latinos Are Stopped And Frisked By The NYPD
stop and frisk nypd new york

More Young Black Men Were Stopped By The NYPD In 2011 Than There Are Young Black Men in New York City
nyclu nypd stop and frisks minorities

The Washington Post...The Fix  December 3, 2014

I posit, Megyn Kelly via her handlers developed the December 3rd show for the express purpose of providing feed for an audience who might find it difficult to avoid thoughts of disparate police acts on members of the black community.  We have grown to expect nothing more from Kelly and her team.

You may recall she was the front person for this about this time last year: "White Santa; white Jesus."

I you can avoid Kelly as a race baiting entertainer in a key time slot on Fox News, you might be a viewer with tainted ideology and inclination similar to those consistently broadcast on the Kelly File. 


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