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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thugs, White Privilege, And Storm-troopers

When you hear the word "thug" what image conjures in your mind? 

Did you go here?

Or, are you old enough to recall these guys as "thugs?" The original Black Panther Party (for Self defense): Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton.

I have little doubt you have forgotten this episode after the an NFL playoff game who years ago.

How many times did you hear or read Richard Sherman's exuberant post game rant against his game opponent? Now, think of the number of times you heard the word "thug" as integral to criticism of the defensive back?

Sherman's comments on his exuberant rant, reaction to his exuberance and the label given to him via right-wing racist, bigots and indignant fools. The latter characterization (indignant fools) should have worked to capture anyone who thought of Sherman via thoughts of "thuggery."

Yet, not one person in America referred to these video pugilist as exhibiting "thuggery:"  NASCAR fight. Is it necessary to comment on why no label regarding the NASCAR fight and over-the-top repeated labeling of Sherman's exuberance? The last question was rhetorical. 

If you are a high information person, you might know the origin of the "thug" vernacular. An origin far removed from American society and very much antithetical to commonly accepted paradigms.


1.    a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
2. (sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

1800-10; < Hindi thag literally, rogue, chea  

How often have you hear the word thug used in association with white me acting badly? After the killing of Michael Brown (Ferguson Missouri protesters, hooligan (opportunist) and locals were referred to as "thugs' far more than happenstance.

The Missouri National Guard was deployed to Ferguson and it looked much like a scene from Omaha Beach in France of world War II.........

No let's take a look a phenomenon that can be called nothing shy of white privilege. Whites behaving badly and no concern with being labelled a "thug."


Penn State riot..No tears gas, no militarized cadres, no plastic handcuffs, no CNN and  no Fox News.  

Location unidentified, but these two clearly not leaving the WalMart Store. Ever recall a looter with a Nine-Iron? I have seen black looters with flat screen television and newly acquired tennis shoes, but never a Nine-Iron.

We move from opportunist with a flair for the links to a more dire exhibit of white people behaving badly (replete with racism chants and disrespect for the nation).

Right-Wing Watch
Overheard At Anti-Obama Rally: 'Hang Him! We've Got Rope'  SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Thursday, 12/11/2014 1:30 pm
Yesterday, a small group of right-wing demonstrators gathered in front of the White House at a rally scheduled to coincide with the visit of a number of sheriffs who were in Washington, D.C., to protest President Obama’s executive action on immigration. 
One activist who was filming the rally spoke to several attendees who said they wanted to lynch Obama.
Among the remarks picked up by the cameraman:  
 “Hang the traitor!” 
 “Hang the lying Kenyan traitor!”  
 “We’ve got rope.” 
 “Plenty of trees in the front yard, wouldn’t be the first one hung on one of them trees.”  
 “Whatever happened to those good ol’ days?” “Don’t snap his neck, you watch  him choke to death.” 
 “He’s just biding his time until Satan takes him home to where he belongs.”
 See more 

Not once did you nor I read any reference to "thug" to label whites acting badly. I posit the diminution of a people (even hooligans) facilitates the prospect of catastrophic acts against a minority from the majority population.

While it is not my express intent to predict evil acts comparable to genocide (against a people), I am certainly positing on growing evidence of deleterious acts against segments of the American population. Overt militia and so-called Oat-Keepers activity, growing hatred manifest in racist acts, homophobic name calling and increased autocratic edicts against child-bearing aged women from conservative politicians. And, how do authoritarian regimes and majority oppressors enforce their will on the oppressed? 


Last night Ari Melber, All In, delivered two stellar segments that exemplify, my point. Watch as militarized cops perform "their Jobs" via death in case when just a bit of communication and competent policing could have avoided. How easy is it to kill?

Segment 1Notice the Cleveland Police Union Chief's concern for the death of the 12 year kid Tamir Rice.  Rice was summarily shot after a call to 9/11 in which the caller stated the victim looked like a kid and they caller suspected the gun was not a real handgun. Of particular note is the union chiefs closing remarks.  " as you are told, do as we say...and if we are wrong the courts will rule?  Really, the courts do not rule the courts work to justify and exonerate the work of veritable storm-troopers. 

Let's take another look and listen to what can only be described as blue badge authoritarian and language I am certain many Jews heard as they were herded from their homes to train cattle  cars.  The last 40 seconds of the segment.

Do as we say....and let the courts settle it out if we kill inappropriately. Really? 

South Carolina State Trooper shots innocent man while the man was "doing as he was told.

New Jersy cop attempts to claiming "he is grabbing my gun." 

allowscriptaccess="always" allownetworking="all" allowfullscreen="true" src="">

Didn't Michael Brown's killer Darren Wilson claim Brown grabbed his gun?

Segment 2: Questioning the innocent after the Walmart killing of John Crawford. Notice the person who called the cops recanted his comments that Crawford was pointing the pellet rifle at people.

Simply stated, behavior for some Americans (black people) does not garner the same level of response as similar behavior from others (white people), and the dynamic is particularly pathetic when we are seeing bold overt evidence of cops as enforcers of socially disparate treatment.Imagine our world with a republican in the White House with two Houses of Congress led by Republicans and the Robert's court.  

Complete oligarchy with enforcers paid via our tax dollars and now attorney General to seek proper policing and civil redress.

Thugs, white privilege, and storm-troopers.

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