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Sunday, January 18, 2015

@ Charts and Maps: Race and Gender In US Politics

2011/12 data

How about the perfect "at work steal a few minutes " screed.  My Twitter and Facebook friends at Charts and Maps offer many social and political visual representations. I have chosen a few for a quick look at the US Congress.

This one is a favorite. The GOP uses false mantra to election after election to win districts in congress. The party has been known to use the mantra "small" government or or anti-big government as successful as Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Tenent and Rice convince the nation to attack Iraq in 2003.   

"Small Government" and the counter reality of the most "needy' states in the nation sheds light on the lack of veracity of GOP campaign sloganeering. GOP leadership and noted demagogues refer to recipients of federal aid as "takers." The consistently accomplishes its time worn mantra despite evidence their reliable voting blocs (states) stand atop the lost of "taker" states. 
If you think racial demographics in Congress do not matter think again..and then think again. The numbers of white men holding congressional seats is slowly trickling to a more diverse reality.
Ethnic diversity in Congress will proliferate as national population demographics change. The next chart may illustrate impetus for GOP efforts to hold-on to the leverage associated with GOP demographics from its 89-92% white membership.  
Once, we leave the US congress the next seat of political power is the state governor. Women are making major gains in winning gubernatorial elections. While conservative women often harbor beliefs and conservative paradigm comparable to conservative women as congressional representatives, my reading leaves me with the impression the woman GOP governor tends to imbue more moderate views.
We as a nation should hope changing demographics will one day lead to more bi-partisan cooperation among elected representatives.

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