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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christie: Part of the Cowboys Mojo?

Jones: Gov. Christie 'part of our mojo'

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______________________ Part of the Cowboys MOJO? Really?

I did not see the now famous Christie Baby Huey hug of Jerry Jones after the Dallas Cowboys when over the Detroit Lions this past weekend. My psyche was so blown by the retracted Pas Interference call, I lost interest in the game. It seemed the fix was on! 

Apparently, after the Cowboy's win the current New Jersey State Governor joined in revelry. One should wonder about the deepness of Christie's affinity for the game or whether the opportunist governor sees political gain from his gushing with Jones and company. Remember, Jeb Bush is about to declare as a candidate and we all know to the Bush Texas roots. It is safe to assume Jones is squarely in the Christie camp.

As the revelry commenced, it didn't take Christie long to realize, some conservatives predate the high five and frankly the non-verbal expression may appear to people like Jones as a less than elitist act perpetrated by the under-class.

The high-five denied.....

Chris Christie high five denied.#Cowboys

Before I move to a couple of noteworthy reactions.

Trey Wingo's reaction is classic political and based on two seriously questionable penalty calls (or lack there of) has some merit. The Lions could possibly have won the game had the two calls taken become part of the game.

I wonder if Chris Christie realizes those 16 electoral votes in Michigan are 16 he'll never see...

Talking Points memo got to the heart of the matter with quick questioning of the possibility of an ethics violation via New Jersey State Law. It seems Jones paid for a private plane to deliver the rotund Governor to his stadium. Wonder if the private plane was less expensive than purchasing three first Class Seats on American Airlines for the Governor and his wife? 

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Dallas Cowboys Owner Paid For Christie's Private Jet To NFL Game


AP Photo / Larry MacDougal
The owner of the Dallas Cowboys paid for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) trip on a private jet to the NFL playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions.

Attention on Christie at the game has centered around him seen trying to high-five Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (and failing) and Christie then going in for a hug. The snarky criticism is that Christie shouldn't be cheering for a team that doesn't even hail from his region of the country. 
According to, Christie has gone to multiple games at Jones' invitation. Jones picked up the bill for Christie and his family to go to the game on Sunday as the Cowboy owner's guest. Jones paid for the private jet that took the Christie family to the Sunday game. 
"Governor Christie attended the game last night as a guest for Jerry Jones, who provided both the ticket and transportation at no expense to New Jersey taxpayers," Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts told 
Christie also went to a Cowboys game on Dec. 21 that Jones invited the governor to. But Jones didn't pay for that trip since the Christie's were already going to Texas. 
On Monday the Democratic-aligned opposition research shop American Bridge submitted an open records request on Christie's travel to the game.
I am going to close the piece with a another (questioning) read from Sports Illustrated. But, first a quick Facebook post via Mediaite is a worthwhile read.

Post by Mediaite.

Jerry Jones/ Chris Christie and ethics?  UPDATE: New Jersey apparently allows such gifts from a list that includes friends. So, Christie will again escape the terrible optics and reap the political rewards.

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