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Saturday, January 17, 2015

GOP Charges Out Of The Stalls With First Attack On ObamaCare

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On January 14th, the new buoyed GOP infestation of both Houses of Congress saw its first (official) bill aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act. After declaring repealing the Affordable Care Act "a real possibility", Louisiana Senator David (Of Questionable Character) Vitter introduced a set of bills with ultimate goal of hacking away at legislation that has provided medical coverage for millions without coverage or who suffered through high risk (deductible) coverage. 
Vitter's out-of-the-gate bills via  his web site.....
Obamacare Repeal – would fully repeal President Obama’s entire health care bill today.

Sponsored by Senator David Vitter (R-La.), cosponsored by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah). Ending Obamacare for Illegal Immigrants – would prevent illegal immigrants from receiving healthcare under Obamacare.
Mobile Mammography Promotion Act – would expand access to mobile mammography services by eliminating the fuel excise tax to help provide on-site mammograms to women in both urban and rural areas that may not currently receive breast cancer screenings and preventive care.

Sponsored by Senator Dean Heller (R-Nev.), coauthored by Senator David Vitter (R-La.).
FAIR Generics Act – would lower the price of prescription drugs and make high-quality, lower-priced generic prescription medications available to consumers sooner by stopping the practice of “pay for delay” deals from keeping generic drugs off the market longer. 

Sponsored by Senator David Vitter (R-La..), coauthored by Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.)
I will readily admit the last of the four bills has a great deal of appeal as it purports to open doors to prescription imports from foreign markets. A prospect that will reduce prescription costs. Despite all that is good regarding legislation to unlock prescription drugs from foreign markets, Vitter's motives behind the pieces of legislation are nefarious to put it mildly. The repeal of the ACA is the big prize for the GOP and a "hat-tip" from the Kochs should the legislation reach a presidential signature.

GOP efforts to repeal a law that so infuriates the Koch brothers does not surprise. The reality of a party that cares so little about Americans who have lived with no medical coverage for years (in some cases a lifetime) is also not a surprise. There are no surprises as the GOP is not the party of the people. 

Do you recall the now debunked 2008/2009 GP mantra: "death panels?"

Alan Grayson poo-poos GOP claims of "Death Panels." 

And the Dark Side really couldn't care less about the uninsured. Ezra Klein's VOX explores the extent to which a major political party and a party that now has a firm grip on the US Congress really does not care about the uninsured.

Post by Ezra Klein.

Administration official cautions Congress on fighting against the ACA.
Post by Lefteous Indignation.

Now for a reliable piece of data (survey study results) that directly refutes "Death Panels", reflects a trend experts call "remarkable."

Charles Gaba's tracks ACA Open Enrollment ACA Signups site. We are two months into the 2015 Open Enrollment period. Enrollment data is collected and reported (via the graphs) for Qualified Health Policy (QHP) Enrollments and Medicaid/Chip enrollments. Gaba's extensive work rivals any I have seen and probably rivals any unseen tracking of the ACA. ObamaCare facts is a great source, but I find Gaba's visuals ease the burden of assimilating information in  short time-frame. The following graphics are the very latest from Gaba as he closely tracks enrollments on a state to state basis. His charts are not as difficult to follow once you value viewing and assimilating ACA enrollment.

ACA EXCHANGE Qualified Health Policy (QHP) Enrollments:

ACA-Enabled MEDICAID/CHIP Enrollments:

I believe a bit of perspective is in order.  Gaba's "original" Chart from the first day of open enrollment 2013 through September of 2014.

Link to ACASignups original chart

Additional key enrollment information including comment about those who suffered cancelled policies, here

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