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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ist 2015 Facebook Gallery From The TPI

It is time for our first 2015 Facebook GOP Gallery visit. Our visits generally follow along the same path( a path strewn with misinformation insanity or lies) so our traipse will not surprise you.

Let's start this Facebook journey with a bit of Koch schmoozing from a member of the US Congress. The Congressman continues to use the "lie statistic", even after the CEO of Trans Canada, during an interview with ABC Newsfailed to solidly make the claim of 42,000 jobs via construction of the Keystone XL PipelineOf course, we realize the GOP members of congress have only one television information source, one radio information source and one major website for right wing chatter (The Drudge Report), but to continue the lie is unfathomable. And the congressman in the embed that follows is a Medical doctor!

Post by Mediaite.

Mia Love (R-UT) says "time to move on from Scalise's white supremacist snuggling.

Really? It does not matter to this republican that a leader in the House of Representatives attended an spoke at a white supremacist event. She doesn't are that he is reported to have snuggled up to other racist groups.  Of course, we know exactly why she wants the nation to move on. Isn't she new to the US Congress?  Well, that brings forth an old adage.

"Thy who needs to suck the most, suck the hardest."

Yeah Ms. Love...sure, sure.

Lindsey Graham proves he is infested with racism and flirts with outright sedition. Didn't he learn from his orgasmic experience over Putin?

Post by Lindsey Graham .

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