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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mitt Romney in 2016! "Run Mitt Run"

As Mitt Romney readies a re-run of his 2012 presidential campaign, a bit of scrutiny is not only in order; it is a necessity. Romney is a very dishonest man who seems to surround himself with incompetent ideologues (John Sunnunu and the now deceased Robert Bork). If you want some interesting reading regarding Romney;s ability to align with associates and hire staff dig a bit on Sunnunu and Bork. As his former chief legal adviser some speculate Bork would have again come-up for a nomination to the US SCOTUS if Romney had won the Presidency. A dreadful thought; almost as dreadful as John Sunnunu and an office in the White House.

As I look back on 1011/2012 and the Romney rambling wreck  campaign, I think in about these facts.

Remember, Romney picked his advisers and campaign staff. Staff made decisions that led to these campaign flops. The same potential candidate judgment and thinking processes  will be unleashed again. 

Someone in the campaign an quite probably the candidate himself maintained agreed to a website with this construct.

How could a presidential campaign completely ignore, disregard or "diss" 13 million of its citizens. Where was the African-American Outreach link. We know the genesis of the omission: The heart and soul of the GOP. I also do not recall one so-called "black conservative" speak out against the "in-you-face" website omission.

Now about this one...the shame of it all and as telling as any of the Romney campaign missteps. The candidate went Brown face for his appearance on the Latino network TeleMundo.


Typical GOP thinking and guiding paradigm: "Fake it to Make it."

And I doubt any Americans who do not match Fox News can forget Romney's history diss of "47 million Americans." 

CSPAN: "MAY 17, 2012
Mitt Romney Fundraising Comments on Video in Boca Raton"

Boca Raton Upper Crust Schmoozing, here.

As is the case with his political party, Romney has no interest representative government for the general welfare of all Americans. He is clearly for birth a silver spoon elitist who has no perception of life in middle to lower income America. Moreover, he seems to live the life of one who is so absorbed with corporate America should wonder if he cares about anything beyond corporate P&L Statements.

Of even more critical importance, Romney has a problem with veracity. Politifact has published what the Tampa Bay Times calls their "Romney File." 


Republican from Massachusetts

Mitt Romney ran for president in 2012 as the Republican nominee, losing to incumbent President Barack Obama. Prior to that, Romney served one term as governor of Massachusetts, elected to the post in 2002. He was born in 1947 in Michigan, where his father was governor from 1963 to 1969. Romney graduated from Brigham Young University and received both a law degree and an MBA from Harvard University. Romney helped found the investment firm Bain Capital in 1984, which launched or rebuilt such companies as Staples and Dominos Pizza. Romney managed the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City from 1999-2002. He ran for president in 2008 but lost the Republican nomination. He and his wife, Ann, have five sons, Tagg, Craig, Matt, Ben and Josh.

Romney's statements by ruling

 Click on the ruling to see all of Romney's statements for that ruling.

One last comment. "RUN MITT RUN."

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