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Monday, January 26, 2015

Palin Iowa Freedom Summit Speech: "Tragedy", Buffoonery, Petty, Disjointed et al.

Iowa Freedom Summit Saturday

If you are curious about the speech, love Sarah Palin, or if you are a sado masochist with little regard for your gray matter or you have total disregard for damage to you cognitive processes. I have embed snippets of the Palin performance below.

Try to sit through two minutes of this clip, If you have the stomach more than a few seconds of Palin.

Blue Nation Review
 Huffington Post (59 seconds)
The caricature of the Sarah Palin brand is fading into oblivion while continuing to bill the RNC at the six figure level. While I am not one to practice innuendo, the previous staccato speaking (nonsensical) Palin, seems to have issues with her ability to coherently develop and deliver a speech. Is it possible we could be witnessing exhibitions after a bit of alcohol consumption? If we are not witnessing the side effects of substance abuse, there is a deeper issue (and it might be mental). The MSNBC Morning Joe Show host, Joe Scarborough-former member of the GOP Congress, declared the 35 minute exhibition a "tragedy." Scarborough
“It’s a tragedy,” Scarborough said. “We all remember that night she spoke in 2008 at the convention. I will say, it remains one of the most electrifying performances I’ve seen in the last four or five conventions I’ve been to. Nobody expected her to do well. She delivered the lines well, hit it out of the park. We will let history decide how she gets from that point to this point.” 
“It’s time,” Mika Brzezinski concluded.
Blue Nation Review
Democratic National Committee Communications Director Mo Elleithee's response to Palin's 35 minute rambling diatribe:
"Thank You."
The conservative Washington Examiner
..."Long and disjointed," said one social conservative activist when asked for reaction. "A weird speech," said another conservative activist. "Terrible. Didn't make any sense."
..."There was a certain coarseness to her that wasn't there before," said yet another social conservative who noted that some in the crowd were uncomfortable with Palin declarations like, "Screw the left in Hollywood!"
..."I know she is popular, but it is hard to take her seriously given that performance," said Sam Clovis, the conservative Iowa college professor, radio commentator, and sometime political candidate. "Palin was a sad story Saturday. With every speech she gives, she gets worse and worse. If one were playing a political cliche drinking game, no one would have been sober after the first 15 minutes of an interminable ramble. It was really painful."
..."It was a long and incoherent speech," added Craig Robinson, of the Iowa Republican blog. "At best, there were a few good one-liners." Robinson continued: 
Of all the people I talked to about Palin's speech, only one person didn't have a negative reaction. That person basically said it was a typical Sarah Palin speech. It was received poorly by everyone else I spoke with. I'm not comfortable sharing everything I heard about the speech — it was that bad.  
No offense to Gov. Palin, but I do think it is problematic to have someone give a speech like that in the midst of a string of serious speeches by people who are seriously thinking about running for president. Palin made a guy like Trump look like a serious presidential candidate today. Incredible.
Yes, it seems her "minutes of fame" are coming to its final act.  She has become the embodiment and moniker for GOP judgment and decision-making.  Her selection as VP candidate for the McCain's run for the White House, should have taught the nation a lesson about GOP governance.
Palin's selection was.....
  • Shortsighted
  • Influenced by the perception of a few that she is (or was) physically attractive. They should have looked much deeper.
  • Token candidate to offset the African-American atop the Democratic ticket.
  • Indicative of how the GOP goes about the business of government. Palin would have performed as a clown and out of control busy body in the White House and Senate.
  • A political national embarrassment.
How can a nation consider the GOP a serious political entity, when the RNC continues to contract six figure speaking fees to a person who obviously has social issues that seem to be spiraling to a clown show?
Palin went over-the-top in attempting to paint the Democrats as racist and sexist. I wrote a piece earlier in the week about the insane assertion: linked, here
Update: Jon Stewart's take on Palin;s insanity......linked.
Sarah Palin is the ultimate Ignominious.

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