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Friday, January 9, 2015

Politically Correct CNN, Tripped-Up Host Commentator: Cuomos "African-American Man"

The two imaged above are French terrorist who joined ranks with the Charlie Hebdo killers. The black man pictured above is of French origin with obvious ancestors from the continent of Africa. CNN spent the morning and afternoon describing the man of "African Descent." The vernacular created what some will call a small issue for one of its correspondents: Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo shows he is no journalist at the 47 second mark of the following video. 

Cuomo was talking about one of the suspects holding hostages in the Paris kosher supermarket and referred to him as an “African-American man.”
“Not American,” Cooper quickly jumped in. “The man of African descent.”  
“Right, African descent,” Cuomo replied. “Thank you, sorry. Anderson.”
Even if Cuomo was busily running around seeking update soundbites (CNN loves other sound bites), how could he have been so far off-base regarding the grocery story terrorist? Did the black guy remind him a "Typical American black man?" Is it possible he accommodating and eager show host forgets about African immigration to Europe?

Right-wing media is all over CNN for reporting with an effort to use politically correct vernacular. 
Dana Loesch         @DLoeschWait — did a CNN reporter actually call one of the Islamist terrorists, in France, “African American?”2:39 PM - 9 Jan 2015
I am reticent to join any member of right-wing media on any issues or join in any posit, but it seems CNN could have found other ways to refer to the black guy who happened to be a radicalized terrorist. Why not simply refer to the man as "terrorist?" If there was a deep need to explain to viewers the terrorist was not of American origin, the words "African descent" miserably failed. As I think back to the Oklahoma City bombing, the Uni-Bomber, the abortion clinic bomber, I do not recall any CNN reference to terrorists as "European" descent.

CNN's business model includes efforts to be first on the scene with reporters or correspondents. The network's strategy more often than professionally acceptable results in discombobulated reporting and sensationalized ratings garnering gobbledygook. Do you recall CNN's "dark skinned men" after the Boston Marathon bombing?

John King, Wolf "excitement reporter" Blitzer and a fairly new face on CNN who simply adds very little to any report on which she comments.  Source information from Mediaite

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