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Friday, January 9, 2015

Right-Wing Facebook Gallery!

 A GOP an conservative quick hit.

Time for a Right-Wing Facebook gallery.  The amazing thing about these galleries is the extent to which millions assimilate, believe and absorb to paradigm as we ridicule as ludicrous.

We will start with the increasingly nutty Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham blames Barack Obama's policies Charlie Hebdo attack.

Rudy Giuliani goes after Barack Obama for refusing to call Paris terrorists "Islamic" ...before they were identified.

From one major ditz to another...this one is a Fox News version.
Post by Salon.

Before the inane video segment, check this out. Fox News producers and writer have access to this data. They the hyperbolic nature of their segment. But, when the network has to feed its viewers the quality of feed isn't important. 

"Facts are pesky things."

And the reality is....Progressives and Liberals sat back and again handed the GOP a political victory.

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