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Saturday, January 3, 2015


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Earlier today Michael Smerconish sat with America's most noted celebrity racist and literally wasted two and one half minutes while providing a degree of TV time to American racism.   

Eu Tu, CNN? What price ratings?

If you think for one second a racist and low-life such as David Duke would go on the CNN set and conform Scalise attended the 2003 event, you might also believe Fox News is a valid news outlet.  Not only did Smerconish offer Duke an opportunity to proclaim US media as anti-European-American; a claim that is from the twilight zone of racist lies, he gave Duke a nationwide forum.

"Anti-European-American" and two of the nation's major news networks have so many blonde (Cosmetically altered and natural) on their air one would think we live in Sweden.  

Of course, Duke probably excluded the following network from his criticism. He probably excluded Fox News for a couple of reasons; one reason relates to Duke's probable news viewing. Do you think he finds MSNBC's evening shows his cup-of-tea. A rhetorical question.


Some old faces who are no longer employed at Fox, but the meme places Duke's racist proclamation well in the realm of typical white supremacy hog-wash. 

If Scalise has admitted attending and speaking at the event and offered a form of regret for his past decision, why would CNN feel providing Duke two minutes on US air has any merit?

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