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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Scalised IV.....

Now that GOP House Whip, Steve Scalise, has been linked to a 2002 appearance at a white supremacist event, his past lack of judgment or his less than savory character has provide media opportunities for Duke. The racist opportunist has been seen on CNN (first to book) and now on Fox News. While CNN's Michael Smerconish provided a safe and advantageous platform for Duke's racist rants, Fox News producers took an opposite tactic. They booked the racist with Bill O'Reilly who, in my opinion, often comes across as the most racist of hosts on the network.

The interview was opportune for Duke as it facilitated display of a prop that embodies the man's intellect and showmanship in one Fox News bundle. Watch the O'Reilly circus

Now for a more sane and intellectually didactic segment from Rachel Maddow.  

Could David Dukes threats to real others members of Congress (or former members) who have cozied up to the racist be cause for hands-off on additional scrutiny and possible removal from his post as House Majority Whip? A thought for serious contemplation.

Twenty years ago Scalise is alleged to have made the following proclamation:

An obvious play for political gain and evidence of Scalise as a longstanding opportunist who may have strong racially divisive roots.

One final brief segment. An statement from the White House. I will admit to biased in thoroughly appreciate the manner in which the White House spokesperson delivered the less than two minutes on the Scalise matter. I don't know about you, but I hear President Obama throughout this statement.

Huffington Post

If you prefer a longer listen the conservative Washington Examiner provides a less than two minute opportunity.

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