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Thursday, January 1, 2015


While all other GOP members of the US Congress quietly perform the typical GOP lock-step on issues that should draw some degree of public discussion, one GOP leader stands alone. Majority Leader, Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), has commented Scalise should resign his leadership role in the US House of Representatives. 

When one stands alone, I will not hesitate to offer a degree pf praise. Praise that should have been reaped on this man as he refused to salute the 1920s and 30s horrors of the Third Reich.

"Be This Guy!"

August Landmesser

I posted the very same image over this past weekend as I notice an image of one police officer who refused to join a group of NYC cops in turning their backs on Mayor De Blasio. Actually, and for purpose of total disclosure, a wider view of the imagine showed their are atleast five other men who did not salute that day. But, for point of reference "this guy" stands as he did and Maloney seems to (so far) stand tall while others demur and cower against the majority in their party.

Maloney's stand for what is right will not lead to the level of angst and related consequences that befell Landmusser (Eventually two years in prison for other related acts against the Nazi's), but he will without question suffer some degree of dissonance for speaking-out. It is the nature of his party and that nature also applies to a constituency that holds views formerly considered UNAmerican. 

Think Progress published a piece a few hours back ab out the lack of GOP public statements of aversion to Scalise past.

Only one Congressman of either party, Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) has called on Scalise to resign his post as House Whip, the chamber’s third most powerful position. 
In a statement, Maloney said that “[i]t is beyond offensive that a member of House leadership would knowingly court such a hate group, and it is doubly insulting that Congressman Scalise asserts that he didn’t know who David Duke was or the hate promoted by that group.” Maloney added that “Speaker Boehner should demand Congressman Scalise resign his leadership post immediately.”
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As I have asked over the past week, "where are the black conservatives?"

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