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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The 115th Congress Moves On Koch Agenda!

If you rely in any way on programs that aid people who have aged such that you can look back of full-time work, or if you are unfortunate in your reliance of aid for programs that help the disabled the New GOP Congress has your support programs on their radar screen.

The GOP laden House and Senate are not only has you on their radar, they are working to reduce your benefits via their innate aversion to such programs and their unyielding subservience tot he wishes of billionaires who pull their strings. 

I offer a quick diversion before the If You Only News post spend ;a moment with a CNN piece from June 2014. I have written a few TPI pieces with the state 1980 Clark/Koch Libertarian Presidential Platform as a central thee of the piece. CNN mentioned the piece regarding the Koch agenda. An agenda that is vehemently anti-Social Security.
Recently, The New York Times reported on new documents we uncovered detailing the Kochs' early political pursuits, including David Koch's 1980 Libertarian Party campaign for vice president. It was a role he sought in an attempt to skirt campaign finance laws that prevented the Kochs from otherwise pouring unlimited amounts of their fortune into their attempt to defeat revered Republican icon Ronald Reagan. 
The David Koch/Ed Clark 1980 campaign platform was strikingly extreme. They ran to the far right of Reagan, attacking him for representing "no change whatsoever from Jimmy Carter and the Democrats." 
They called Social Security "the most serious threat to the future stability of our society next to the threat of nuclear war." They wanted to abolish all minimum wage laws, while giving tax breaks to the rich and big oil. All in a self-serving attempt to drive the policy discourse further toward their extreme ideals to benefit their own bottom line. 
Well, it's now more than 30 years later, and the Koch agenda hasn't budged. Only now, instead of running a fringe party, they're driving the Republican Party.

And, the Koch House and Senate move forward on the agenda of their major constituent.

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Now, for that promised read  about the new Congress's attack on Social security.

If You Only News

It didn’t take long for the GOP to blindside the working class with a surprise attack on Social Security disability insurance. In fact, they used the very first day of the new Congress to do just that.
“The Huffington Post” reports that on Tuesday the House passed new legislation that contains a “little-noticed provision” that will prohibit Congress from reallocating funds that would avert a deficit in the Social Security disability insurance program in 2016.
Social Security’s disability trust fund is forecast to run dry by next year, experts say. This will mean that almost 11 million Americans will see a 20 percent reduction in benefits, but this issue is not brand new. Social Security proponents have repeatedly asked legislators to reallocate funds from the retirement program to cover the difference, a measure that has been taken by Congress 11 times in the past 60 years.This new rule could still allow a shifting of funds from the retirement fund to bolster the disability fund, but requires that “an accompanying proposal improves the overall financial health of the combined Social Security Trust Funds.” The most likely way to meet this criteria would come from new revenues, e.g. taxes, or cuts to current benefits. The GOP’s m.o. is to side with benefit cuts, rather than impose new taxes on their wealthy constituents.
According to a tweet by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA):
The GOP is inventing a Social Security crisis that will threaten benefits for millions and put our most vulnerable at risk.
The Chairman of the House Committee on Social Security, Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas), likened the reallocating of funds to a “raid on retirement insurance,” and stated:
This is worse than kicking the can down the road — it will actually make the retirement program worse off, and it does nothing to fix the disability program.
To address this issue, my measure creates a point-of-order to prohibit any diversion of funds from the retirement program to the disability program, but more than that, the rule seeks to encourage much-needed reform.
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) completely disagreed with this statement, and reiterated that this practice has been standard in the past. He stated:
Reallocation has never been controversial, but detractors working to privatize Social Security will do anything to manufacture a crisis out of a routine administrative function. Rather than solve the short-term problems facing the Social Security Disability program as we have in the past, Republicans want to set the stage to cut benefits for seniors and disabled Americans.
 H/T Huffington Post | Image: HD Picss
The Kochs will wield their money-backed power over those they worked to elect as surely as the carriage driver will place blinders on the horse and dirt the horses every move.

If You Only News title their piece "Surprise Attack..." I suggest hardly.  The GOP is not a party of the maverick when it comes to ideology. GOP party leadership will operate with such haste on issues important to the Kochs. It is important to let your constituents know you are proactively pursuing their agenda. What better way than to attack Koch issues within the first days of the new Congress?


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