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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Bobby Jindal Chasing The "NO GO ZONE" Dragon

Forty-five seconds of an American idiot who serves as the Governor of Louisiana and a man who wants to be the nation's 45th President.  

Jindal as Campaign Clown!

Bobby Jindal traipsed over to London and literally made a fool of himself. While you and I expect GOP misinformation and lies to flow like the River Thames and we are seeing Mitt Romney throwing major lies about concern for the impoverished, I wonder if you will join my in questioning the sanity of the Louisiana Governor? Actually, we have grown to knwo and expect Romney as the kingpin serial liar of the GOP. Jindal grabbing the "No Go" Zones lies leveling the lie and then stumbling through efforts to defend his lies on national TV. Jindal is the epitome of what happens to normally intelligent people when they spend too much time watching and listening to Fox News.
His "no-go" zone mantra was through drudged (no pun intended) through a series of apologies from Jindal's new source over this past weekend. after weeks of Fox "No-Go" zone dogma, it seems the networks admission of the "lie" wasn't caught by Jindal. was the Louisiana Governors in route to London and happened to have missed the Fox News drudging? Was the full extent of his staff and advisers on board the plane? Did his party travel on a plane that was not WIFI capable?
Regardless of rationale for Jindal's continued mis-representation, the fact remains he continued to stand-tall with a face full of his own soiled rhetoric.
If you visit the TPI regularly, you know we believe in visuals. There is nothing more compelling than a "fool" on camera living up to his billing as a fool, and make a fool of himself while faced with honest and straightforward questions from a reporter.   
As you watch Anderson Copper's segment of "Keeping Them Honest", think...the man would be President of the United States.
MSNBC's Chris Hayes also broadcast a segment with a great lede 2:17 minutes capturing the genesis of Jindals idiocy.  Why do Right-wing politicians only consider Fox News and publications like the Drudge Report as viable news sources? Watch the first few minutes of this clip for perspective on Jindal. ...AND THE BAND PLAYS ON....

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