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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Look Back At Fox News and The ACA Featuring "The Mornng Couch Crew"

 When a network entertains its viewers like this, would you expect empathy for the uninsured. Last November a US Senator found an answer to the question.

"Are You Cruel?"

"I don’t know where you’re coming from .. Are you that cruel?" -Senator Angus King,  (I)  Maine November 2014

Last November, a video surfaced of MIT Professor, Jonathan Gruber, speaking about the ACA as a member of a panel at the University of Pennsylvania. Of course, Fox New s producers salivated at an opportunity to have a progressive (alleged progressive) member of Congress on camera for the network's morning idiots (AKA Fox and Friends) feeding of Obama-hating breakfast to its viewers.

Doocy, Guilfoyle and Kilmeade must have been buoyed by the GOP victories in both Houses of the US Congress. They appeared inordinately feisty, ore indignant than usual and typically weak and surface like in their arguments. The host took turns lashing at the first term senator as if prying a jar of a too tight jar of Mayonnaise. The wily Senator appeared to briefly allow the morning rhetoric before deploying an argument killing "naked choke hold" accompanied by this:
"Wait a minute, wait a minute. Tax and penalize? Hold it, hold it, hold it. We've got eight million people that have insurance now that didn't before and don’t lecture me about this because 40 years ago, I had insurance. If I hadn't had it, it caught a cancer that saved my life. If I hadn't had insurance I’d be dead!"
The salient point was, "....saved my life." 

Neither Fox Host appeared to give a damn, but the tone of the interview certainly took a turn towards three major couch sphincter puckers.

King highlighted his coup de grĂ¢ce with this:
"Are You Cruel?'" 
'I don’t know where you’re coming from .. Are you that cruel?'
Angus King knew the answer to his strategically placed question. He also knew he would get no empathy nor acceptance of his life experience as an effective push-back to the production driven couch crew. empathy for heartfelt experiences or tragedy is no acceptable on fox News sets as the audience would find such behavior weak and unacceptable.

King may have expected this:
"Oh my goodness," Kilmeade said, while Guilfoyle responded that they're not being cruel, but trying to get to the facts behind how ObamaCare was passed.
As the interview drew to a close and after King threw the crew a handgrenade, King spoke emphatically about the fact 8 million people have insurance coverage who had no medical coverage before the ACA.  How better to end the interview with what Fox News producers probably felt was an argument winning retort.  The brainiac Doocy picked up a note and pelted the segment guest with he ACAs failure to attract 13 million enrolled the first year. How child-like? I am guessing the failure to hit the 13 million the first year is a sure indication the ACA is a flop!

If you know Fox News and if you have any perception of the psyche of those who sit and watch Fox News you had to know Doocy's quirky retort sent the viewers away from the breakfast table inoculated for a day of Obama-hating. 

Watch the segment.

If you want an accurate picture of the success of the ACA Johnathan Cohn recently published a piece for the New Republic. Linked here.

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