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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Rand Paul Attacks Disability Payments

America be careful media is again failing you.
This is a dangerous man.

Rand Paul has staked-out yet another "Twilight Zone" narrative and political ploy via a recent speech to a group of New Hampshire state legislative leaders.

The following 33 second video embed is of poor sound quality, but Paul's ploy is as clears as his toupee is visible. Attack disability payments and recipients when no other ploy is available.

A few remarks about Paul's latest subterfuge. Let's start with a question. When will someone who fathoms themselves a true journalist vs a new entertainer (like Chris Matthews who seems a Paul sycophant) ask Paul for data and proof to validate his claim? It is easy to simply hoist oneself on a stage and make unsubstantiated assertions. He should be challenged regarding his continuing manipulation for purpose of winning the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. 

Paul made the remarks in a manner similar to Mitt Romney's secretive diminution of 47% Americans as "takers" who would never vote for him nor the GOP. While speaking before a group of committed listeners, his remarks were video taped (seemingly with his full knowledge). The remarks were clearly the result of strategy for personal political gain.

Ring Of Fire Radio: Paul sounding like Michelle Bachmann.
“The thing is, in all of these programs, there’s always somebody who’s deserving. But everybody in this room knows somebody who is gaming the system,” said Paul. “What I tell people is, if you look like me and you hop out of your truck, you shouldn’t be getting your disability check. Over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts. Join the club!”
 After the video surfaced, Paul's office performed its common practice of sweeping the inimitable senator's trail of tracks that can lead to discovery of the fallacy and ludicrousness of his any claim.  "He was taken out of context!"  Of course, he was taken out of context.

His handlers took the post video "cleansing" to a more sophisticated level than the zany senator. 
“We absolutely should take care of those truly in need of help,” Paul’s office told The Huffington Post. “But the system is broken, and when people can game the system, they are stealing from those who are truly disabled and won’t receive the care and aid they need.”
Paul's strategy is as flawed and disingenuous as GOP claims of voter fraud. Think Progress reports fraud in disability payments is at the 1% level and far less than 8% cases of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. 

If you recall and Paul has major issues with honesty, veracity and serial lying. We can deposit Paul's frequent cases of plagiarism into the bank as fact and indicative of his character. Let's instead deal with his admitted affinity for misinformation for personal gain. Do you recall past Paul's comments to a group of University of Louisville Medial Students. When asked for advice to the group on the eve of exam day, Paul showed his true colors. The speaker did not address the future physicians with professional advice that would one day align with the Hippocratic Oath, he reached into his psyche and guess what surfaced.

Rand Paul was talking with University of Louisville medical students when one of them tossed him a softball. "The majority of med students here today have a comprehensive exam tomorrow. I'm just wondering if you have any last-minute advice."(Steve Brodner) 
"Actually, I do," said the ophthalmologist-turned-senator, who stays sharp (and keeps his license) by doing pro bono eye surgeries during congressional breaks. "I never, ever cheated. I don't condone cheating. But I would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important." 
He went on to describe studying for a pathology test with friends in the library. "We spread the rumor that we knew what was on the test and it was definitely going to be all about the liver," he said. "We tried to trick all of our competing students into over-studying for the liver" and not studying much else. 
"So, that's my advice," he concluded. "Misinformation works."
The specific video except here.

Since I published a piece regarding Paul's latest ploy earlier in the week, I find little need to delve more into Paul's ploy. We should hope one true news manager, news producer or show host will book the chameleon Paul and asks for raw data regarding his claim.

Maybe Paul's new found admirer from MSNBC, Chris Matthews, should ask Paul about his claims. He will not sit for  an interview with other MSNBC hosts who might exercise a true bit of journalism and Fox News will only provide misleading graphics. 

CNN? No comment!


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