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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thugs Vs. "White Thugs" (Really) ; "White Trash?" Whites Doing Badly And Institutionalized National Racism.

literally love to read pieces on Freakout Nation. The website is part of my daily internet traipsing more often than I read whole articles (Vs. my usual perusing pieces).

I ran across a piece this morning that is point-on relative to how we view the nation from a judgmental perspective and how we characterize and label what we see and read. Let's move into my point with an image.

It looks as if the younger Campbell did not accept his arrest as amenably his hooligan father. 

Now, before I link the story, let's view the headline:
"Strange How No One Is Calling Texas Father And Son Murderers Who Shot At Cops ‘White Thugs’, Isn’t It?"
The full Freakout Nation piece.

What we have here are the absolute lawless, hooligans and upper level felons. The two should be candidate for the death penalty. Can we are on those points?

Let's go back up and re-read the title of the piece.  Did you notice anything that is very well intended, but denotes a form of white privilege? Look again.  How about "White Thugs?" 

It is not my point to label use of the vernacular "White Thugs" in anyway disparaging with regard to the writer of the piece. The writer is not the object of my posit, so any thoughts of use of the word "white privilege with regard to the writer is wasted in and flawed.  I see an hear this (the point I am going to posit) far more than I should in the following context:  "White Trash."

A look and read about the word "thug."

The word "thug" Via Merriam-Webster:


 noun \ˈthəg\
: a violent criminal

The word "Thug" from a few Urban Dictionary posts:

I. thug 
The original Thugs were bands of roving criminals in India who strangled and robbed travellers. Originally these gangs committed murder following precise religious rites to honour Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction.
The English word Thug is derived from the Hindi word Thuggie
II. thug
Originally a reference to a violent group/cult in India but etymologically anglicized to refer to a brutal criminal in general for most of the latter 19th and 20th century. The word was adopted/co-opted by the American Rap and Hip Hop music scene in the late 20th century generally defining a tough anti-hero with criminal involvement.
Recently the white conservative movement in the U.S.A. has adopted it as a substantive replacement for the vulgar and toxic term "nigger" which is no longer safe for use in most media channels.

Livin' life thug style -- Tupac (To live and die in L.A. 1996).
"Obama is an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist in chief'"(Mark Williams)
by Howlwoh

The next Urban Dictionary definition was posted in October 2014. It includes a vulgar colloquialism that when used as such adds not value to the definition I reference use of the word "nigger" in the context it was keyboarded into the definition. I chose the definition based on its very apropos analogy to criminals who will never be referred to as "thugs."

III. thug

1.) Criminal, ruffian, gangster...i.e 
Those thugs on Wall Street stole from thousands of people by establishing fraudulent corporations under the Enron umbrella 
2.) Caucasian slang for nigger, used in cases where upper middle class respectable white people want to express their disdain for what they feel are vaguely frightening black people but don't want to face the social and physical consequences of openly using the word nigger...i.e
1.) Those thugs on Wall Street stole from thousands of people by establishing fraudulent corporations under the Enron umbrella. 
Those thugs that roam the streets late at night don't hesitate to assault pedestrians and take their money. 
2.)I don't like how that thug celebrated in the end zone. 
The property values dropped in that community because they had a lot of thugs move in. 
I'm not racist, I just don't like the thugs and their loud music. 
by PooDipes 

Did you find the salient point of this post? HINT: "Wall Street."

Now. for a definition that really nails the point of this piece and it is another definition for the Urban Dictionary. 

IV. thug 
A creative way for white people such as Bill O'Reilly to call a black person the 'N' word without getting censored on television.
"Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis were no-good, arrogant gangster thugs. Long live George Zimmerman and the KKK."

After that bit of reading, are you closer to my reason for this piece? If not,s maybe a question or two will drive home my point.

Why do some use the phraseology "white trash" when depicting whites who have done heinous things or to depict whites who exhibit crass and unforgivable acts? Is it such that no white person can act in a despicable manner without the qualifier, "white" before the subject Adjectival noun "trash." As delineated above, Urban Dictionary's colloquial definition of the word "thug' has become code for disparaging thoughts about black people.  

I have yet to hear Bernie Maddoff characterized as a "thug.' Yet, he is serving a life prison sentence after literally ruining the lives of thousands and hitting the checkbooks of many multi-millionaires.  No one from the nation killing Wall Street sub-prime bubble and associated white collar criminals have been called 'thugs' and not one has gone to jail for his/her crimes. Let's take the analogy to a much lower level of crime. Have you ever heard Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, or for that matter Cliven Bundy referred to as a "thug."  On more for sake of clarity, have you ever heard Justin Beiberi called a "Thug?" He certainly has shown a lack of regard for civility and in some case a gross lack of regard for the law. 

Do you see any thugs in the following video clip?

Yes, I know you may have found a thug in the video.  Rodney King was very well positioned it he video.
Look for the 'thug' n this clip.

'I'll Break You in Half'

I will wager you never him referred to as a "white thug" or as "white trash", as he clearly threatened to kill the reporter. His 'thuggery went much farther. He is not about to resign his seat in the US House of Representatives based on recent admission of multiple counts of felony guilt regarding issues related paying taxes.

But, many readily found thugs" in this video after the Ferguson Missouri Grand Jury decision.  We also see an hourly employee protect her place of employment. She worked for Papa John's Pizza; a company owned by one of the nation's most wealthy Obama-haters and anti- Affordable Care Act power brokers.

Why the qualifier "white trash" and "white thug" when denoting whites who have gone to the dark side, when we find only the word thug used when the black person has gone to the dark side. Am I to believe that only whites who qualify as 'trash' do bad things.  Is there a white privilege rule that whites behave in manner that they only run the risk of being labeled 'trash' when they go astray.  In more basic terms is it an expectation or is it accepted the black person who steps outside the law is simply "the black person" acting badly.  Have yo ever heard the phraseology "black trash" or African-American trash?"  

Would you like the heart of my point? I offer a form of Stockholm Syndrome in the fact quite a few African-Americans use the vernacular. Now that is a clear case of acceptance of the commonly accepted and false reality that only "trashy" whites comment ugly acts. Or, the false reality of one has to qualify a white criminal "white thug" when simply labeling the criminal as thug nails the image.

Post Racial America?  No even close.

We have many years before America will shed its ugly past of racism, bigotry and stereotypical behavior towards a people. As long a populations continue to perpetuate the false beliefs that one people holds a lower social status than another there will be thoughts of privilege.  

If you know you know the work of the late Jamaican Reggae great Bob Marley, you know the point of the last sentence. Lyric based on a United Nation's speech of the late Haile Salassie that Marley incorporated into a song called: "War."

Bob Marley – War Lyrics

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior / And another / Inferior / Is finally / And permanently / Discredited / And abandoned / -Everywhere is war - / Me say war.
That until there no longer / First class and second class citizens of any nation / Until the colour of a man's skin / Is of no more significance / than the colour of his eyes / - Me say war.
That until the basic human rights / Are equally guaranteed to all, / Without regard to race / - Dis a war.
That until that day / The dream of lasting peace, / World citizenship / Rule of international morality / Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, / But never attained / - Now everywhere is war - / War.

 Read more song lyrics

Of thugs, trash and American racism...even from unwitting African-Americans

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