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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Watching The American Conservative And A Peep At Fox News

GOP Watch!

Careful, this shadow could engulf you!

We know that 47% of US eligible tax payers do not pay Federal Incomes taxes. They certainly pay other taxes, but their incomes are such they have no annual tax liability. Let's set that aside as a reality. Now, contrast Right-wing media and some conservatives who cry like diaper soiled babies when the nations Top 1% income earners may have to pay a bit more federal taxes.

Apologize?  Apologize for calling the President a caricature of Hitler. Why does much vile rhetoric emanate from the Right? Is it possible I answered the question via the question? Is it possible the Right is so wrought with "vile," they find it impossible to contain that which oozes from their brains and mouths.  

My life experience with personal emotion and diarrhea of the mouth was shaped many years ago. Basically, if the person manages her/his psyche with any degree of personal control of their emotions, the need for apology should be rare. Many simply either do not manage their emotions with any degree of control or they speak in vile ways for affect. Fox News is the prime example of media demagoguery for affect. Others may also speak for affect. Messages on the Right are considered accurate simply if the message leaves a demagogues mouth. There is not quest for rational thought nor concern for veracity (or decency). We have the perfect example. The following Facebook post includes an example of yet another member of the GOP gone vile followed by a perfunctory apology.

If one is going to slam a person with the foul character of another, one should know how to spell the others name.
The Tweet Text: Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn't do it for right reasons— Randy Weber (@TXRandy14) January 13, 2015
(The date above was copied as posted on ABCs's webpage)

Post by Eric Smith.

The false prophet Huckabbee and his friend Ted Nugent shared a stage. And, to think Huck criticized Obama regarding family values? Really? Before you dismiss the following as a one-off" happenstance, know the two had to practice the song before playing to the cameras. 

President Huckabee? Seriously?

Now, contrast Presidential candidate Huckabee with this....just for deep perspective.

Fox News Russell Brand Style. There are times when I wonder why Fox News tries to rationalize their Right-wing business model with guest who are hardened liberals. Maybe, I can answer my question with the thought, Fox News managers are using such appearances as entertainment for their viewers.

Russel Brands recent interview segment is a prime example. 

This man represented an Illinois congressional district. He is a seriously ill person. But, we must remember, he is GOP...should we actually expect better?

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