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Friday, January 16, 2015

Your GOP And Its Existential Insanity!

Take a few minutes and peruse the US GOP as it works to shape our nation.

Single mothers Lookout..The GOP is on the war path (again).

Rand Paul follows the GOP Script. find an issue that involves Americans reviving funds from the US government and attack the program (along with the human recipients). Why does the GOP spend inordinate amounts of time and energy on minutia? Reports are only 1% of recipients "game the system."

And, the Party's Ideology leader joins the fray while providing leadership for GOP elected official.

Checkout this Media Matters Headline:
Limbaugh: "The Americans With Disability Act Is One Of The Greatest Ruses That's Ever Come Down The Pike"Rush: "You Know What Comprises Disability These Days? Insomnia. Alcoholism. Any Number Of Things Make You Disabled. Boredom."
Linked here.

Here comes another Bush!  He comes replete with a flawed record as Florida Governor, and he comes expecting the Oval Office as a birthright.

No post about the insanity of the GOP can go by without entry of the insane Ben Carson Yes, Dr. Carson, you are crazy!

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