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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Palin Appearance! A Time For Branding and Replenishing The Revenue Streams

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Since I wrote extensively about the opportunist Sarah Plain last week, I am going to forego any comment about the following piece from Mediaite

Correction, I will make a single comment only.  

Palin from a Facebook post available below if you have no regard for your grey matter. The piece is a tough read, and frankly appears to have a bit of ghost writing assistance.
 ".......God’s given me way too many undeserved blessings to dishonor His goodness by wasting time crying “victim.....” 
I totally agree regarding undeserved and I think of the GOP with each appearance of this blabbering idiot.

Sarah Palin: ‘Disgusting’ That Brian Williams’ ‘Corrupt Colleagues’ Covered for Him

Sarah Palin waded into the Brian Williams pile-on tonight with a lengthy Facebook post attacking not just the NBC Nightly News anchor but his “corrupt colleagues.”
First, Palin doesn’t want Williams to resign because his continued presence will “remind America how this all works, and to justify our complete turning away from his ilk in mainstream media.”
But secondly, and more importantly, Palin uses the occasion to make the story about herself. She brings up the one time back in 2008 that Williams mentioned a false story that she banned books as governor of Alaska, and uses it to attack now just Williams, but the entire media in general:
I was tainted as an anti-First Amendment book banning wacko. Brian Williams lied about me in order to affect the way I would be perceived by Americans during the 2008 election. He lies. There is no other way around it. But what’s especially disgusting is the way his corrupt colleagues covered for him. I have never and will never let the shroud of victimization cover me – God’s given me way too many undeserved blessings to dishonor His goodness by wasting time crying “victim” – but I’m happy to recall the hundreds of Palin-centric false reports if it helps America understand you must never trust JournoList-types.
She also writes, “I was aware of their collective unethical character not only because my college degree was earned using the complete opposite journalism tactics of JournoList’s, but also because I lived it first hand.”
You can read Palin’s full post here.
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And, leave it to Bill Maher to perform the coup de grace!

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