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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bill O'Reilly: War Correspondent

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Fox News Bill O'Reilly is working like a beaver the day before the floods to salvage an iota of cred regarding his false reports of covering the Falklands War. Unfortunately, ".....there is no cred." As O'Reilly circles the wagons to ward-off scrutiny of lies told regarding his alleged war coverage in the Falklands, he made a big mistake. He requested release of news video he claims "combat situation," (Sempr FI); CBS's video release shows violent protests. but no O'Reilly and no war coverage.

Mother Jones continues to provide stellar coverage of the Fox News Chief bloviator's claimsThe released video is over 19 minutes long, but worth the viewing time if you are curious about the "flagship" O'Reilly's veracity.

A look back at CBS News coverage of the conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom. Four clips include: the CBS Evening News and a special report from June 15,1982; and the CBS Morning News and CBS Evening News from June 16, 1982.

Has the nation moved so far Right, top echelon news and talk TV icons must lie to promulgate "cred?"

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