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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chuck Todd Hosts A "Serial Liar" And NBC's MTP Host Performances Like An RNC Executive


Earlier today, I published a piece about US media's role in moving the US from a slightly left of center nation to a decidedly more right of center mindset. The GOP and conservative oligarchs know that power of the media in support of their mission to transform the US into a regressive state with unquestioning privilege for the white male. And, yes since married women vote almost 98% along with their husbands. I have to add the GOP may add value to the lives of married women vs women who are not married, especially if the woman is of child bearing age. 

NBC's Meet The Press under Phil Griffin, president NBC, has been transformed into an unrivaled Sunday morning news outlet as integral to the GOP as the RNC's mission and goals. 

Take a look and listen to how NBC provided an uninterrupted platform for Paul Ryan, and I should add with hawking of Ryan's book. As you view the piece recall Chuck Todd is a major GOP and conservative shill who is unabashed in support of all things conservative. He has been known to for sake of discussion effectively adorn his GOP hat and uniform to embody the conservative mindset:
The Daily Kos (video). 

Paul Ryan on Being Vetted for VP Again of its competition.  

Todd knows that journalism involves not only providing question framed to illicit and answer, he has learned to master the Sean Hannity technique. Provide the answer in the question, thus freeing the guest to spew unsubstantiated talking points. The MTP host also knows Paul Ryan is a serial liar with no modicum of impetus to consider President Obama's economic policy in any manner other than with jaundice. The true journalist would at some point in the interview pose a probing question to his guest.

Todd is confident in his network's indifference to Ryan's history of lying, thus he his little need to concern with retort questions to the babbling politician.  Ryan's record time marathon may have been the "Lie of 2012 Campaign season". His fiery campaign acceptance speech was so full of lies his audience suffer a collective Pinocchio nose erection.

Do you recall Ryan's uninvited invasion of a DC soup pantry? The sly unethical candidate and his photo-op team invaded a soup pantry with the Ryan family feigning cleaning pantry pots and pans. Sadly, Ryan's penchant for fakery and lies must be an accepted norm within the confines of his family.
The Ryan kids had to know the pots and pans were already clean. Surely his wife knew the photo op was as fake as a Mitt Romney $13 dollar bill. Better yet the episode rivaled Mitt Romney's tan face make-up job at a (Latino) Univision event during the campaign. 

Any competent unbiased (non-shill) journalist or TV News host not employed by Fox News would have probed a bit regarding Paul's talking-point segment. On the other hand, I may have set myself up for the unwitting victim as I have disregarded my steadfast posit: "Fox News gives its viewers what they want to see and hear." Alas, failed to extrapolate same to NBC News.

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