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Monday, February 9, 2015

Cruz Appears On Sunday Morning News Shows And Hits 2013 GOP Shutdown Strategic Foul Balls

Ted Cruz is playing the politics game and doing it without regard for our intellect, our vision, our sense of hearing and our ability to read.  He visited a few Sunday morning (conservative) shows and disavowed his and  his party's 29 Billion (hit to GDP)  2013 shutdown.

If you need any level of validation about how many Americans viewed the shutdown a CNN/ORC Poll  pointed the finger at congressional Republicans.

The government shutdown in 20 questions.
A CNN/ORC International poll that came out Monday found that 46% will blame congressional Republicans if the government closes its doors, with 36% saying the president would be more responsible and 13% pointing fingers at both.
OK, that was an unnecessary digression, but I will always err on the side of information when faced with demagoguery. There is no demagogue in the US Congress more deleterious to bi-partisanship than Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The futility and wastefulness of GOP politics and the $24 Billion hit to GDP.

Cruz's leadership in shutting down the US government actually reaches back to Cruz's earliest days in the US Senate. I posit the shutdown was a legislative landmine from the inner psyche of the anti-US government Koch brothers. And, the brothers would have reaped private agony  on their elected officials and closed the dark money bank.  

Cruz's deflection is an insult. If you haven't observed the lowest level of US politics, take a few minutes and watch a master gutter dweller in action.

We offer two broadcast segments from this morning's news. While Cruz is in Munich ,Germany, rest assured he will stay in-touch with US media cameras to feed his prospects of deflecting on congressional Democrats and to feed his 2016 brand (with lies and crafted performances).

Dana Bash and Cruz Part 2. The salient points in the segment commence at the 40 second mark. 

Let's follow a Crooks & Liars piece regarding the Cruz P/R campaign as he ramps up for a run at the GOP nomination in 2016. The CBS host showed his contempt for Cruz's deflective lies via verging on outright laughter. As you watch the video embed in the Crooks &Liars piece, my only criticism is the segment ends with Cruz's demagoguery to CBS's early morning viewers.  

Conservative demagogues and operatives are well coached in delivering their messages via electronic media. They know or have been coached the clock is their ally. News show host have tight time parameters for each segment. Cruz and others are very adroit at capturing the parting comment time. If you do not realize the value of those parting remarks, you might be one who relishes the barrage or propaganda.

CBS Host Laughs In Ted Cruz's Face For Repeatedly Denying He Shut Down Government

CBS host Bob Schieffer's was driven nearly to a fit of giggles on Sunday after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) repeatedly refused to take responsibility for last year's government shutdown. The veteran newsman led off his Sunday interview by simply asking if Cruz would be willing to once again hold the government hostage to try to get…

Did you see and hear my point?

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