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Monday, February 2, 2015

Democrats Who Are Beyond Blue Dogs!


NINE DEMOCRATS VOTE WITH REPUBLICANS TO APPROVE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE — Here are the traitors, DINOs (Dems in name only, or POMAs as I call them). These nine Democratic senators voted with all the Republicans present to approve the  Keystone XL Pipeline, already approved by the House. If both bills can be reconciled and passed, President Obama will veto the bill. It will take 67 senators for an override of the president's veto in the Senate and it would also require the votes of 2/3 of those present in the House to override a presidential veto. If all 435 members of the House of Representatives vote, then at least 290 must vote to override Obama's veto. This probably won't happen. Nevertheless, it's discouraging to see Democrats supporting the Fossil Fuel "nail in America's coffin" because the XL Pipeline symbolizes a doubling down on oil global warming versus a move to renewable energy. Shame on these nine senators!

The New York Times published an informative piece about KXL and its political umbrella. An umbrella with a fabric made of US dollars.

You might also link to view a list of US Congressman who receive "subsidies" from Big Oil and Gas.

Unfortunately, the list is undated and is noticeably absent Democrats who are joining the GOP in support of projects that provide no real value to the US citizens while providing copious amounts of money to uber wealth oil and industrial barons.

Despite and absence of Democrats whoa re increasing voting to support Big Oil and Gas, the list certainly carries a message. it speaks to why the GOP will introduce and pass a bill authorize full construction of the KXL, while maintaining a hands-off of any bills related to jobs and the economy.

Tracy Knauss's POMAs are a shameful group of legislators who warrant a bit of exploration regarding their contribution from Big Oil and Gas. Stay tuned for a look at the nine POMA's and how they may or may not accept dark money form industrialist or their front dark money operations.

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