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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Karl Rove: King Of The MisRepresentation Political Ad Strikes Again.

In 2008, Karl Rove worked like a Beaver out of water to give John McCain and (you know who) Sarah Palin an edge in their campaign to defeat Barack H. Obama in their 2008 race to the White House. Rove is a political operative who has been "in bed" with GOP presidential candidates and administrations back as far as Ronald Reagan. His handy work can be found in the horrific and racist Willie Horton commercial against Michael Dukakis. He was also a top operative who's handy work spans through the more recent Mitt Romney campaign. Sandwiched between his operative election activities, he served the full eight years with George W. Bush. If you are the least bit politically inquisitive, you may remember the 1988 Willie Horton George H. W. Bush campaign ad. Carl Rove was the operative behind that team that developed and promulgated the historic ad. The names Lee Atwater and Floyd Brown ring home like a resounding echo for a humongous Asian wind chime.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rove dredges up Floyd Brown, the Willie Horton guy

Karl Rove is pulling out all stops in his racist, slime campaign against Barack Obama. Rove and McCain have enlisted Floyd Brown, the man behind the racist 1988 Willie Horton ads. Brown’s latest video blames Obama for Chicago’s murder rate and according to the Tribune, plays on people's fears about race and crime. “Twenty years later, the racial dynamic remains,” says the Trib.
Floyd Brown:
 Capitol Hill Daily 
Fact Check Dot Org: Reprehensible Misrepresentation

"A Tasteless and Reprehensible Misrepresentation"

The salient point is the manner in which Rove and his GOP go about manipulating minds. The Willie Horton commercial as stated above, has gone down in US political history. If we consider false character assassination George W. Bush's "Swift Boats" ads were as despicable as it gets.  Even George W. was reported to have "pull and shelved" the anti-John Kerry commercials.

Outright lies and manipulation.

Well, Rove is on his operative horse and riding roughshod over whoever wins the GOP nomination in 2016.

His latest American Crossroads ad illustrates Rove as a manipulative operative who literally earns millions off the psyches of Americans who accepts his "wares" as reality. The following is Rove at his Right-wig best or worse, depending on your perspective. The ad is a Internet ad (to date) that finds images of Hillary Clinton standing with and interacting with Saudi royalty, with Elizabeth Warren's words superimposed in a voice over. Warren's comments were extracted from a recent speaking event focused the American conservatism and Right-wing dogma.

The first 59 seconds of a recent segment of MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word offers a quick view of the ad. If you wish O'Donnell and panel spent well over seven minutes discussing the Rove project. Some parts of the discussion were good and relevant other parts, well..... could have been left out to save airtime.  Linked here.

Karl Rove has squandered many millions from the likes of the Koch brothers and other conservative plutocrats. He has also found great success at influencing American conservatives and right leaning independents (and those ever present Libertarians). The operative should share in reflection back to he Bush Years, yet he escapes scrutiny and judgement because he has no rival in conservative America. 

Rove's latest ad is a clear example of total disregard for credible campaign advertising and a demented perspective on the American public.

America will never return to it former status as the world leader as long as operatives like Karl Rove so successfully influences you the voter. 

Rove's American Crossroads goes after Hillary with a voice over internet ad, and we as a nation are supposed to overlook this.

          Image result for bush kisses king of saudi arabia Image result for bush kisses king of saudi arabia

Maybe, we should have forgotten the real US hobnobbers after President Obama took office. 

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