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Friday, February 27, 2015

Palin Sighting at CPAC

One has to wonder if the Chair of the RNC, and other party leaders would love to get their hands on Sarah Palin's speech scripts before she takes the podium.

Palin's thought processes manifest in behavior that seems slightly demented. Her speaking engagement at CPAC proves yet again, she could think her way out of a well lighted closet. 

The half-term Governor (of Alaska) and former VP candidate, is a, existential walking and talking embodiment of flawed and failed GOP. We must consider Palin in another manner since the sef-insertion of Scott Walker into the race for the 2016 presidential nomination. "Education" has moved from a non-issue to the reality of a US president without viable and working education beyond high school. The consideration spans an intriguing spectrum.

Palin embodies the dumbing down of America in every sense. And, she does show while standing as the perfect advertisement for, don't bother to earn a college degree. The attainment of a degree is not a validation of mental acumen beyond that of basic human functionality.

The Crooks & Liars piece that follows includes 4:35 minutes of "Palin Speak."  I offer the video as part of the C&L posting requirement.  I do not exposes my grey matter to four minutes of Palin nor do I recommend such to TPI readers. 


Palin Inadvertently Suggests She's Not Qualified To Be President

Sarah Palin told the CPAC 2015 audience that "honorable" presidential candidates should spend some time serving in our military. I guess that leaves her and the rest of the GOP field out of the running. Sarah Palin: No current Republican candidates are qualified to be president - and neither am I: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin…

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