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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Right-wing Derangement Gallery (Facebook And Twitter)

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Let's start with Rand Paul. Paul has stated publicly an affinity for "misinformation." The problem with an inner core that evolves around an inclination for misinformation is, it offers no respect for people to whom he speaks.

In 2013, The National Journal published an intriguing piece on the inimitable Paul. The screed is a bit long, but thoroughly delineates the Paul's craftiness, penchant to beguile while staged with a lede paragraph about Paul's affinity for "misinformation" An affinity that is deep rooted and without question contributes to his penchant for shady and shadowy acts (er. plagiarism et al).

Let's traipse trough a bit of major anti-Obama derangement. The newly coined Muslim Gang Sign!

Rudy Giuliani continues to expense a personality flaw that one can only describe as insane. If President Obama was not committed to his love of American he could easily have doused all efforts to bring the nation back from the Bush/conservative economic abyss. He also probably would not have order that killing of bin Laden were he a hater of the nation.  

What do you think about the Fox News African-American community expert? Rivera and his diagnosis of "happenings deleterious to the Black community. I strictly abhor Hip Hop music and its associated attire for feeble minded young men, but Rivera is ill equipped to earn millions on Fox News as Dr. Oz of the Black Community.

Post by Media Matters for America.
Dinesh D'Souza, admitted felon, goes totally racist calling President Obama a ghetto dweller "boy."


Fox News managers, editors, producers and writers send their most intellectual deprived host before cameras to deliver this message....

We must always remember. These deranged Americans are as human as you and me. They will do what it takes to garner attention and spread messages as long as their is an audience. If the nation was vehemently against such derangement there would be no market...and the behavior would not proliferate.

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