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Friday, February 27, 2015

Scott Walker Borrowed Rand Paul's Chameleon Costume

And, to think I just posted a piece about the zaniness of Sarah Palin. The Palin piece includes honorable mention of Scott Walker with comment about education and the lack there of. While conceding education is not the ticket to the prospect of a great US president, it is most assuredly generally accepted as an indicator on intellect. Yes, intellect is critical in presidential aspirants. It is unfortunate, but the attainment of college level education, in most cases is an indicator of perseverance, applied cognitive process, goal attainment and a validation of the prospect of acquired higher learning. We live in troubled and dangerous times. The nation is far removed for care-taker presidents who in many cases escaped terms in office without major conflict or serious economic demands.

Many on the Right and some quasi-progressive writers and bloggers are finding cause celeb to write about the business of unwritten education requirements for the US Presidency. Within weeks of their supportive (or caution laden) screeds, Walk offers the perfect opportunity to assess his cognitive skills. Where better to see the full zoo of GOP presidential hopefuls, than the annual CPAC (show)?

Scott Walker in full cognitive bloom.

The Daily Kos's The Giles Goat Boy

UPDATED 2/27/2015 with more memes and a sobering video at the end.
Earlier today, when asked about ISIS, presidential hopeful and current Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said that his response to the peaceful labor protests in Madison in 2011 prepared him to stamp out international terrorism. Apparently that means that in case of a terrorist attack he would sneak in and out of the White House via a not-so-secret rat tunnel and consult on the phone with bloggers pretending to be billionaire David Koch.
Asked about ISIS, Walker responded, “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the globe.”
That is a terrible response. First, taking on a bunch of protesters is not comparably difficult to taking on a Caliphate with sympathizers and terrorists around the globe, and saying so suggests Walker doesn’t quite understand the complexity of the challenge from ISIS and its allied groups.
Naturally, the "terrorists" in Wisconsin have unleashed a counterattack - in the form of a super-satirical barrage of photo memes.
One citizen suggested spreading this image in case ISIS comes looking for revenge:
Here are some more. Feel free to post any additional memes in the comments.
That is one terrifying smile:
The Red Scare!!!
Be sure to check her Birkenstocks for incendiary devices...
It only took 6 burly cops to arrest this man for holding a sign. What courage. What bravery! And they arrested him right next to the copy of the Wisconsin Constitution that states in Article 1 that the right of the citizens to petition the government "shall never be abridged." Oh well.
You know they start those terrorists really young...
Look out behind you, Granny!
Leaving so soon?
One more. I feel so much safer now...
attribution: None Specified
ENCORE! You asked for more, so here you go. Here is an obvious pinko terrorist...
You can spot the home-grown terrorists right away...
As my friend Ed says, the war on Christmas terrorism. Are those ISIS-cicles on the tree?
Finally, let us not forget the Capitol Police version of "If I Had a Hammer", which starts and ends with "If I Had a Hammer, I'd Hammer on the Black Guy..."



End The Daily Kos Piece.....

This is also worth a peep.


In many ways, Walker seems to approach life from the Rand Paul school of, "I'm not so sure....", evading questions or the even more sinister Paul philosophy regarding mis-information. Walker traipsing around tickling the base with evasive non-committal utterances, will not win party's nomination in 2016. Will the strategy grow old or is it actual strategy? Walker, like Paul "the younger" may actually live life as noncommittal and slippery as a Carp fish out of water. Even the Koch's will work to avoid flubbing close to a billion dollars on a candidate who has no prospect of defeating Hillary Clinton. Scott Walker via his adopting a Rand Paul like Chameleon campaign style is showing he is not the man to run-up against Clinton.

Walker was recently asked about President Obama's faith or life as a Christian. First, the question (in an of itself) was posed as either from a platform of religious bigotry or it was posed to trap the squirmy Walker as he works to appease the GOP's religious base. Before we explore Walker's response to a question of Obama's faith, let's deal with another matter.

When did being a Christian become a prerequisite to the US presidency? Sarah Palin's CPAC appearance ended with a declaration that no GOP candidate was fit to run the country due to their respective lack of military experience. Should we add Christianity to the mix?  And, after establishing religion as a basis for a litmus test, how about the certain to follow American kerfuffle: the GOP' Baptist Bible Belt congregations against Catholicism. And, if we take that ridiculous thought a few steps farther. How bout the nation's Jewish population? 

The question posed to Walker yielded telling results. While bundled in a sack of patriotism and religious Walker is report to have gone here: 
" “I’ve never asked him, so I don’t know,” he said. And about Obama’s Christianity: “I’ve never asked him that.”
Do you think Walker felt the answers was cool, or clever? The Washington Post summed it up in a piece published on February with a partial moniker: 'spinless."

According to Michael Gerson of the Post, President has gone on record in 2008 regarding his Christian Faith. Follow this link to the Post piece and scroll down.

Even conservative America has denizens who follow the news such that Obama's declaration  of  his faith are a matter of public record. They know the correct answer to these opportunities   to broadcast GOP "spiel", but they refuse to offer any degree of sanity to their base.  True answer o dot excite the GOP base, especially in states like Iowa (a critical GOP primary state) . Let's be honest with ourselves, the GOP base is not about fair and balanced consideration when it comes to President Obama. Nor are they open-minded such they place religion in proper perspective int eh grand scheme of things. 

Fervent religion can provide a path to irrational thought and indiscriminate acts in the name of faith. Scott Walker's reticence in showing a modicum of spin and failure to acknowledge President Obama's past comments about religion is an indication of what you get with candidates like Walker.

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