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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Rand Paul , Chameleon and Serial Deflector

Do you remember this from another Republican  who obviously believes in mis-information?

September 13, 2011
“There’s a woman who came up crying to me tonight after the debate. She said her daughter was given that vaccine,” Bachmann said. “She told me her daughter suffered mental retardation as a result. There are very dangerous consequences.”
Republicans live in an altered state of reality in which the lie becomes an existential fact. The lie is an art form for feeding people who are inclined to believe every word without question: minions or sycophants. They also feed Fox News (and in increasingly CNN) as media that will carry the lie without probing or clarifying inquiries.

Do you suppose the Fox News host would have asked Bachmann about her "many" entities or a validating question about the "crying woman?"

Allow a brief digression as I offer an illustration of a point. In September 2008, Katie Couric ;was granted an early post VP candidate selection interview with Sarah Palin. Palin responded to a question about "what she reads" like this.....

"I read all of them......" The inimitable and soon to be discovered zany, ill prepared and lying Palin was caught on camera with her figurative finger in the cookie jar.

How different was Palin's "all of them...." from Bachmann's "many?"

If the donut/coffee metaphor fails to work for you, think about the reality of this image

Fox News is simply the conduit, the culprit is the politician who makes hyperbolic claims for affect.  
The latest social issue to snare the regressive leanings of the GOP; "vaccination mania" (AKA Anti-VAXXERS).  From Chris Christie's "parents should have a measure" .... his chief rival for the 2016 GOP nomination for president, Rand Paul. If you follow US politics, current events and the Chameleon Paul, you know he not only has espoused a belief in misinformation (to a group of Kentucky medical students), he has issues with false representation of certain writings and speech passages. But the wily Paul, when caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, Paul resorts to a tactic frequently deployed by Sarah Palin: deflection to the media. A tactic he often laces with "I did not say that."  

Paul on vaccination neatly bound in that Libertarian moniker  "Freedom."

If Paul spoke with any degree of commitment and shed his Chameleon facade, his deflection on liberal media might hold a molecule of water. He communicates much like Sarah Palin without the staccato rambling and disjointed non verbals, but the listener is often left with the same twisted message. I often find my first thought after listening to Paul: "What actually did he say?" He rambles from thought to thought while apparently making sense only to himself. We saw a similar communication style that led to issues with his famous Rachel Maddow indifferent to the Civil Rights Act interview. His attempt to deploy his evasive non-committal style jibber-jabber during the interview with the highly cerebral Maddow led to a twisted rambling mess that ended with references to colonial America. When a person not gifted with oratory attempts to play angles (lie) in an interview the crafty chameleon will always fail. 

Paul, Christie, Palin et al, have a first thought mindset of laying a lie on viewers, supporters and the their viewing victims. 

A day later and after a bit of damage control from his handlers, Paul re-appeared with the CNBC host in a failed attempt dampen the flames of his previous statements. You will notice Paul went total authoritarian and callous via shushing the woman host.


Linked interview, here.

I cannot find any room for thought Paul would have done same with a male host.   

Can you imagine any candidate for president actually shushing anyone conducting an interview on national television?

During a segment of Morning Joe, the show crew facilitated a talk with The New York Times’ Jeremy Peters. Peters reported he talked with Paul after the failed attempt to change his chameleon colors. Paul again deployed the familiar GOP refrain of "I misspoke." 

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