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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The GOP: SNAFU (Anger At Michael Steele Regarding Black Votes)

If things just don't seem right; things are probably not right! 

As we move into another week since the GOP took over both Houses of Congress, the party, its pundits, and spokespeople simply cannot seem to get on the same page. This week's chicken fights centers around the inexcusable comments from Rudy Giuliani's during a recent fundraiser for Scott "Koch Stooge" Walker.  If you live in the United States and watch any current event news you know Giuliani's comments. A large number of TPI readers live in foreign nations. Giuliani's comments were as follows:
I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America,” Giuliani said during the event in Manhattan. “He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”
Well, the GOP has not been the same since. A few GOP presidential hopefuls joined Giuliani in his special brand of guttural muckraking, while others immediately distanced themselves. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana's Republican Govern, seemed to side with Giuliani last Friday.

Bobby Jindal calls Rudy Guiliani to congratulate him on critical Obama ... 

I will revisit Jindal in a bit.

How about a responses to Giuliani's remarks from two GOP presidential hopefuls: Rand Paul and Scott Walker?

Scott "Moving Target non-committal" Walker

Rand "The Chameleon Misinformation" Paul

Other responses were very much muted of noticeable a non-comment. Marco Rubio took the safer high road with "Of course, the president loves America." Apparently, Chris Christie was still reeling from his blunders in Britain; he has no public comment. Jeb Bush via a spokesperson took the highroad also, but with an anticipated caveat.
"Governor Bush doesn't question President Obama's motives. He does question President Obama's disastrous policies," Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell wrote to TPM in an email on Friday.
Where was Jeb Bush when President Obama and his tea fought off the sure economic death form eight years of his brother? I posit "disastrous policies," is an expected comment, bad politicking and will not stand-up to a comprehensive policy review of the nation's 44th President.  

We must remember Jeb Bush is "His own man." Let's not digress into the Bushes.

Alas, there is yet another victim of Giuliani's remarks: Michael Steele, former RNC Chair and MSNBC (paid) contributor. During a segment of the soon to be defunct (cancelled) The Reid Report, Steele joined a panel discussion the lead to a bit of criticism of his party. He spoke frankly about lack of GOP outreach to minority voters and has garnered headlines of "GOP is not interested in the black vote."

The following segment embed is comprehensively relevant to the Giuliani comments; Steele's remarks hit at the 6:15 minute mark.

As you would expect the Right is aflame with Steel degrangement. If you care to get the flavor for how some are reacting to Steele's remarks, follow this link to The Right Scoop.

Steele spoke the truth and here is the proof (no rhyme intended). Do you recall the Romney presidential campaign? Of course, you do! But, do you recall a key item related to his campaign website.  

In 2012, The Grio captured this screenshot. 

It seemed the Black community was of no interest to the Romney team. Interestingly, I never heard nor read one comment from the so-called black conservatives about the glaring statement to the Black Community.

You may have noticed Jindal's video comments seem very much different than his call to Giuliani last Friday.  If you missed Jindal's remarks, here is an excerpt from the Times Picayune:
Jindal responded that he's "sure the president does love America."
But he said that his refusal to blame Islamic terrorists for the brutal killings in Iraq, Syria and Pakistan on Islamic terrorists reflects poorly on the president.

"Islam has a problem," Jindal had written in his Fox News column earlier Monday. "There is an evil belief system that has taken root in radical Islam. It contends that many of us must be killed, women should be treated like property, some of us are eligible for slavery, and others need to be crucified."
"Islam is a problem!"

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