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Friday, February 6, 2015

Ugly Obama Derangement: The National Prayer Breakfast And The Crusades

The President's speech before the National Prayer Breakfast is fueling cries from the right comparable to any mention of tax cuts or Obamacare. A historical perspective on religious extremism that President Obama and his speech writers know well. Sadly, we do not know world history or we do not care to remember. And, there are those who seek to grab any nuance from the nation's 44th President before running to an opposite position and whining like spoiled children. The condition is aptly referred to as "Obama Derangement (OD)." We offer examples of OD. Feel free to skip to the Washington Post link piece below, If you prefer not to see physically developed adults at like children. 

Obamas analogy to the Crusades was most apropos

Fox News OD version from the Leg and Thigh Couch....

Fox News coverage of the speech and other network coverage differs like night and day.

Of course, there are more cerebral perspectives on Obamas speech. The Washington Post piece is a bit of a read, but worth every letter and punctuation mark.

The RiverPress offers yet another perspective. 

Obama Derangement is ugly. Christian aversion to the reality of religious extremism (including the 200 years of the Crusades) is even uglier and carries a high degree of danger to humankind. 

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