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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Under An Umbrella Of Religion ISIS KIlls (Beheads, Conflagrates, And Fires Weapons) ; A Time In America Wasn't So Different

Image via: HuffPo Black Voices
The horrific murder of a Jordanian other pilot as central casting for a 22 minute propaganda video, has garnered worldwide astonishment at the level of horror by ISIS. Other than the pilot's native country, the outcry hasn't been more loud and angst filled than in the United States. 

President Obama's National Prayer Breakfast references to the horrors of ISIS with association to Christianity, drove the outcry to the level of mental explosions. I have embed a few moments of the speech from a "non-friendly" YouTube channel. The video is the one copy that was easily located that is absent hours of Fox News Obama Derangement.  President Obama went on the effectively the his point, but once stated conservative America and American without regard for history (especially the past 300 years in American) tuned-out and tuned-in to major derangement. 

A critical message for a president who is within the last two years of his presidency. Obama simply offered truisms at a religious public gathering that simply nailed the horrors against humankind in the name of religion. If there is an American who will disavow the reality of a past horrors against groups of human beings (and for that manner native animals) with religion as a core sanctifier, the person truly lives in a glass house. 

Obama's comments about slavery, and centuries of post slavery Jim Crow was point-on. We sit in horror of a group of murderous terrorist /Jihadist yet, we cast stones without reflection. The vast majority of those who were critical of Obama's Christian (The Crusades and Inquisition) analogy are reticent in considering our acts of terrorism. Beyond reticence, many simply do not care about the historic horrors, as the horror either did not affect them, or worse in some way the manifestations of the horrors reached deep into their psyche and possibly touched happy-times for  their forbears.

US history is sprinkled with horrors against groups of immigrants to the America after Manifest Destiny consolidation of the contiguous states and territories. Religion was a contributing factor along the path littered with heinous acts and religion also offered a sanctuary for avoidance of dissonance subsequent to acts of "terror."

Mass racial violence in the United States, also called race riots, can include such disparate events as:
  • attacks on Irish Catholics, the Chinese and other immigrants in the 19th century.
  • attacks on Italian immigrants in the early 20th century, and Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in the later 20th century.
  • frequent fighting among various ethnic groups in major cities, specifically in the northeast and midwest United States throughout the late 19th century and early 20th century. This example was made famous in the stage musical West Side Story and its film adaptation.
  • unrest in African-American communities, such as the 1968 riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr..
But, let's delve well beyond the level of "race riots." We are horrified of the taking the Jordanian pilot's life via conflagration, and we are stunned to disbelief about ISIS forceful kidnappings and beheadings, yet we fail to look at our past. While the Jordanian pilot was not an American, the horror of his death and the manner of his death should induce thoughts of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's ".......Coming home to roost."  Know that my regard for Rev. Wright is as low as a tad pool. I used his words to exemplify a a message theme that was accurate.  
Think of the horror of Oklahoma's Nelson family lynching after a late night raid of their home regarding a stolen cow and the shooting of one of the posse who bled to death. The terror lynching of a mother and her son is an example of the lawlessness and horror offered by President Obama.

There are two known images of this scene, this one, numbered 2899, and another,numbered 2897. Seth Archer writes of number 2897 that there are 58 spectators in the photograph: 35 men, 6 women and 17 children.[1]
DateMay 25, 1911
Around six miles west and one mile south of Okemah, Oklahoma, on a bridge across the North Canadian River – a different bridge in what is probably the same location now carries State Highway 56.
Coordinates35°25′46″N 96°24′28″W
PhotographerGeorge Henry Farnum

The son...L.D.'s partially clothed body
 The mother....James Allen bought this image
            of Laura for $75 in a flea market.

We are not speaking of legacy that does not replace the horrors of ISIS, but a legacy that places Obama's remarks in perspective. 

Many of those who perpetrated US terrorist acts would attend church the following Sunday. Religion provides such a foundation for post slavery oppression the Southern Baptist Church finally and formally apologized and rebuked it supportive past as recently as 2009. The Church by its apology via its words also apologized for decades of support for Jim Crow: an oppressive set of laws and way of life outgrowth of kidnapping, land grabs, beatings and the ultimate form of oppression (The Strange Fruit) hanging tree

President Obama carefully and appropriately chose his analogy; the pointed a finger at religious fanaticism. The Crusades were perpetrated to spread Christianity (Catholicism) to far-off lands and denizens of those lands. Religion associated with Jim Crow and US oppression of former slaves and black people (throughout the decades) was used similarly: to herd, oppression and in many cases suppress a people. In both cases the root denominator; was forced rulership of a people.

As you will read below, lynchings were existential events to which some paid admission and journeyed hundreds of miles to see the advertised spectacles.

How did that get in this piece?
Yes, we have a horrid history.


The New York Times recently published a piece with an interactive map of 73 years of lynchings. Other media and social media are awash with the story of 4,000 documented lynchings between the late 1800s and the mid-1960s. Rest assured there were far more lynchings that went unreported. I read a piece recently that many unofficial (un-advertised or un-photographed) lynchings were perpetrated to take land from black families. I doubt any of those lynchings were documented. In fact, the bludgeoning to death of the great grandfather of a family member (via marriage) was perpetrated to abscond his land.

This night rider was involved in the lynching of a black family and a white lawyer in two separate incidents near Reelfoot Lake in Western Tennessee. Night Rider masks generally were made from meal sacks and pointed at the bottom to resemble a beard. Photo circa 1908.

Jesse Washington
Spectacle lynching--Burned Alive Waco Texas 1916
Souvenir Postcard sold for ten cents.

Young southern gentlemen pose with their kill
Double lynching of Abram Smith 19, and Thomas Shipp 18 --Lynched to death in Marion, Indiana August 7, 1930.

Frank McManus, Minneapolis 1882
Dragged from his jail cell by an angry mob, accused rapist McManus was hanged from a leafless tree.

The lynching of Rubin Stacy, July 19, 1935, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Three men lynched in Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1920.

After lynching Rubin Stacy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1935, the lynching party held a family picnic.
After looking back on genocide against First Nation People of North America, one cannot avoid consideration of slavery and its centuries long Jim Crow aftermath. Jim crow blanketed and span the nation like a blanket. While pockets of some degree of human rights existed in the North East, it should be noted lynchings took place across the nation.  Two of the most horrific lynching took place in Minnesota   and Washington State.

How Americans attended lynchings like a family event is a sorrowful sight. How the United States people tolerated lynching of African Americans and was accepted as the norm is beyond comprehension. An embarrassing time for Americans in history.

Of all horrors inherent in Jim Crow America, the stifling reality of suppression of the black vote was as profound as deprivation of any form of book learning or writing to slaves. 

The images are as ugly and horrific "as it gets." and, yes, I respond affirmatively to those who grab a reflective disavowing thought of, "Oh, that was a log time ago." Of course, it was but lynchings as a tool of land grabbing and oppression carried through the 1960s. Unofficially, such acts have been discovered in the deep south albeit rarely.

The salient point is, we (as a nation) can hardly differentiate our past littered with oppression and murder (including burning at the stakes) with those of the current international threat. Did ISIS not execute 20 plus Coptic (Egyptian) Christian migrant workers? Does ISIS not sell captive women and children into slavery?
Amazing that slave owners acknowledged that breast milk was the same coming from a black woman, yet they believed blacks were less than human.  
She would have to feed this child before her own to make certain there was enough milk for the former or be punished.
Much of what you have just read was enacted and perpetrated with the full blessing of church pastors and congregations. President Obama correctly associated fanaticism and in some cases connections to religious doctrine.

Let's close with the most graphic and pathetic example of an affinity for murder via the rope. An elephant was actually hung to death after killing its trainer. I am certain as time has passed you and I have come to realize the horrors of captive animals at the hands of their trainers.  Can you imagine the unfortunately elephant (slave) was utterly fed up with physical abuse?

The following postings provide an archive related to America's past and the reality of fanaticism, oppression and times with the backing of religion of mankind's religion. It should be noted, we often read about 4,000 lynchings. In addition, the fact the number includes only cases of official record, we must also remind some of the 4,000 were white people.

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