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The Pardu
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

A President Finally Speaks Up

Early in the week President Obama spoke before an audience in Cleveland Ohio.  Since the start of the speech, my mind has echoed. 

"Why are we just now seeing and hearing such from a president who delivers far more credit for saving a nation than any of us offer?"  

Maybe if the president and the sheepish DCCC and DNC had performed similarly, the DEMs may have secured a few more million votes last November. 

The following video segments courtesy of YouTube, order of embeds borrowed from Liberals Unite.

Remarks by the President to the City Club of Cleveland. (full speech for purpose of archive)

Jobs and Unemployment (without any cooperation and assistance from the GOP)


The Affordable Care Act

A response to a political party of the incompetent and in some cases the party of the nefarious.

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