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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Levi Pettit: The Best Press Conference Money Can Buy!

When asked where he learned the now famous "No Nigger in SAE chant," Levi Pettit avoided the question with perfect iteration of public relations scripted lingo. 
I’m not here to talk about where I learned the chant or where it was taught. I’m here to apologize for what I did,” Pettit said.
Whatever we do, fall on our sword, but do not snitch up the ladder. Watch the first 1:30 minutes of the following video and see how well coached "crisis strategists" handle their wealthy clients. The PR firm doesn't work with the egregious young offender on the full scope of his words, the PR firms sends him in front of a mic with a  in a semi circle ring of camera eager black faces for Pettit to do this! Remember, only the first 1:40 has major relevance. The interview with the young Oklahoma student was a serious waste of airtime. Linked here....

You had to know the chant was not taught and learned in a drunken stupor in the Frat House. You also knew the lil ol lady House Mom didn't drill the SAE boys in the chant. No, deep down you and I both knew the probable genesis of the racist instruction: deep rooted culture and probably a matter of fraternity orientation. Is this what many some in America do when out of public scrutiny and when encapsulated in a self-imposed environment void of diversity beyond difference in hair and eye color?

SAE Fratboys Learned Racist Chant from National Leadership Cruise

The University of Oklahoma made public the result of their investigation into a racist chant sung by the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, specifically answering the question: Where on earth did they learn a chant that referenced lynching in 2015?
Turns out, members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon learned their headline-making chant while on a national leadership cruise retreat, then brought it back to OU and taught to pledges, where it ended up on that bus and on the infamous video. 
According to KOCO, OU President David Boren said that while the chant was “widely known” among the members of the fraternity, there was no evidence that the chant was formally taught by the frat. 
The chant’s lyrics, which contain the n-word and referred lynching, went viral after someone secretly filmed members singing it on a bus. SAE was banned from campus and two of the men on the bus were subsequently expelled from campus.
Notably, the SAE national headquarters shut down the OU chapter after the video went viral, saying that they were “not only shocked and disappointed but disgusted by the outright display of racism displayed in the video,”
[Image via screenshot]


How really fun is it to wallow in "white privilege" so encompassing it becomes an expected item of compliance and participation in order to a privileged social group. In much more simple terms, it becomes culture. 

Do you recognize the deeper meaning of the OU Bus chant. It exemplifies the unquestionable existence of more perverse racism that manifest many forms. The chant was taught and learned. Bigotry and racism engulfs and absorb into the human being in the very same manner. It is taught and it is learned and it is shared. More often then most realize it spreads like an undercover fraternity bound. And, for those who do not comply or acquiesce, well in many cases we find various forms of "nigger lover" or to a lesser degree the "uncool" and there is always that significant behavior changer: ostracizing.

Fortunately there are those in America who abhor behavior as perpetrator on the OU bus. The person who took the video and reported the obscene exhibition was obviously cut from a different mold.

No, I do not find Pettit's staged and very public apology commensurate with the full scope of his indiscretion. It was a PR laden exhibition and it was wrought with lies. Do you seriously believe he did not know those words were wrong?  How about not knowing the full impact of the word or act of lynching? On the other hand I am deeply moved and impressed with the words spoken by the OU president.

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