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Saturday, March 28, 2015

O'Reilly and Stossel Lament Dying US Journalism..Fox News Delivered The Death Knell!

I do not watch late night talk shows. First, oogling and AAAhing about celebrities is as boring as trying to watch ice freeze in an open refrig door and I also find it diminution of all that is important in our world. Of course, for me entertainment includes movies and song, so I contribute to celebrity millionaires whose craft attracts and holds my interest. Yet, I draw the line when it comes to awards shows (the epitome of star-worship) and late talk show giggles.

I offer a classic example. David Letterman in his own progressive (yet "good ol boys" club) way recently sat with Fox News number one carnival barker and purveyor of lies. The interview, I have read, was a fair use of show time, but fell well shy of realistic probing of O'Reilly's history of misstatements, lies and and deceit. Even with humor, O'Reilly could have been forced to better represent his history of lies that predate those spoken by NBC's Brian Williams.

Talking Points Memo published a frank screed regarding the interview. Apparently, Letterman pulled up shy of a useful probe of O'Reilly's malfeasance and I believe O'Reilly to hawk a book. ( I could be wrong on the latter point).


Letterman Asks O'Reilly: How Are You Not Like Brian Williams? (VIDEO)

In his first interview away from his home turf at Fox News, Bill O'Reilly fielded questions from "Late Show" host David Letterman on whether he had a Brian Williams problem after recent scrutiny over the integrity of his work. 
"It comes down to the same thing, with you and Brian," Letterman said near the end of the interview, referencing Williams, whom he called a friend. 
"Trust is the residue of both positions," he went on. "So people must trust you to the same degree — they might disagree with you — but they must trust you the same way they trust Brian Williams." 
"I've been on the air 19 seasons, 15 years at number one," O'Reilly answered. "Our ratings now are as high as they've ever been, so I think they do trust me and I'm glad they do." 
Throughout the interview, O'Reilly said his reporting has always been "accurate," and that his ratings had actually improved even as the media recently investigated his work. 
Letterman said that, unlike Williams' case, people had to "go back 30 years" to find things that O'Reilly had allegedly exaggerated or fabricated, such as his reporting during the Falklands war in the 1980s.
But the "Late Show" host did not mention the contradictions surrounding O'Reilly's 2012 claims that he was on the scene at the suicide of George de Mohrenschildt, a figure in the investigation of JFK's assassination. (O'Reilly repeatedly wrote and said that he was in Florida at the time of the suicide, while audio tapes reveal him saying he would be traveling to the state the day after the suicide.)
Read more via TPMLIVEWIRE

The audacity of Fox News exudes any level of decency.  After battling over the past month with revelation after revelation of outright lies and misinformation regarding remote coverage dating back decades, O'Reilly takes another ange. Two of Fox News's most noted demagogues partnered to feed viewers a line of carnival barker bull. A level of "bull" only surpassed by Sean Hannity's nightly mess and Megyn Kelly's broadcast insanity ("White Santa; white Jesus"). O'Reilly and John Stossel sat before Fox News cameras and bemoaned the deterioration of journalism. 

If you are not a Fox News viewer, you know my point well. Neither Stossel nor O'Reilly is a crible journalist. They work for a Network that despite its popularity is not a network that stands as a beacon for "Fair and Balanced" journalism. In fact, Fox hosts and most network reporters should have license via the Screen Actors Guild like performer for the WWE.

If you are a Fox News viewer, O'Reilly and Stossel's interview may serve you well, but you must acknowledge O'Reilly (As is the case with MSNBC's Al Sharpton) is not journalist. You must also know that since 1996 (they inception year of Fox News) US journalism has in fact, diminished to mere ratings garnering segments between commercials.
O'Reilly and Stossel massage the psyches of The O'Reilly Factor's viewers.

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