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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

GOP Social Tree: Pence Reaches Back To The Dark Ages, GOP Regressivism, And The INDY Mayor Distances

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Contrast is contrast, if you live on the left of the chart you are a social dinosaur.
The meme above should also include clearly compassion regarding sexual orientation!

I signed SEA 101 today to ensure religious liberty is fully protected under IN law 

Indiana Governor Pence claims his Religious Freedom Bill is not anti-gay. Republicans really have not learned the power of visuals, research and archived data via technology.  
The next branch of our tree probably explains the Twitter post just below. Pence, completely fall apart on ABC's Sunday news show. He refused to answer direct question that were easily answerable via a "Yes" or a "No." 

ABCs Stephanopoulos Grills Gov Mike Pence On 

Canceling scheduled appearances?  Wow, how one's actions influences one's future actions.  
Soooo, Pence says the Indiana RFRA is no different than religious freedom laws in other states.  Well, typical of Pence, he lies.
Extreme bigot Pence says he is stunned by the number of people with gay friends! Really, I will wager Pence has a gay friend or two who are not open about their sexuality.  
You know what is going to take place this weekend, don't you?  Hint: It is a major sporting event.  Hint Two: College basketball season is coming to a crescendo end.  Hint Three (for the real non sports minds): "FINAL FOUR."   Do you know the location of the Final Four?  The event will take place in Indiana's major metropolitan center: Indianapolis.  Final Four in Indianapolis means mega revenue for the city.  OOPS it is clear the Governor and his legislative cronies are not concerned about he state as the administrative hub for the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the obviously care even less about Indianapolis hosting the event.

The risk of Major revenue losses due to GOP Bigotry is unacceptable to one noted Indiana elected official. In the wake of Pence's signature bigotry against the LGBT community, the mayor of Indianapolis has declared his city's abhorrence to the law. Correction...I keyboarded the word "wake" above to denote the backwash that has Pence struggling to keep his head above water. I should have used the word "tsunami"; it better describes the responses to Pence's homophobia. The mayor speaks...linked here:

"Indianapolis will not be defined by this. Indianapolis welcomes everybody" ... just in time for the Final Four.
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