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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quinnipiac Yields Fox News Most Trusted; Methodology And A Testament To White High-end Baby Boomers

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Whenever pool results roll across our airways (TV predominantly) it pays to seek out the Sampling and Survey Methodology.

Quinnipiac commonly considered a reliable and non-conservative polling authority published survey results that warrant serious scrutiny. "Fox News Most Trusted among News Networks." The survey was apparently conducted (Survey Sampling International [SSI] ) among 1286 respondents with the following details:


73 % white


White   BlackHispanic
73% 13% 7 %


Quinnipiac indicates the survey was conducted in the scope of current Census demographic data. If my perception the methodology claim is correct, however I question the 7% Hispanic survey pool. Unless, the Other/DK/NA represent Hispanic poll respondents.

Political affiliation is a key survey demographic. The number of so-called "independents" and non-declared could include Fox News viewers who are factually conservative. It is impossible to view the data consideration of an over sampling outside the control of Quinnipiac.

Generally speaking, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, or what?

32% Republican

Republican   Democrat Independent 
32% 29%  27%



42 % over age 55

AGE IN YRS.......
18-34 35-5455+
  21% 32%  42%
126  310809

Quinnipiac reported an unweighted (N) [N=number ] of 1286.  Since I trust Quinnipiac not to report with such a discrepancy, I assume some respondents did not declare an age group.

En capsulized: 73% white over a third of respondents conservative and a respondent group skewed towards high end baby-boomers. The survey was (or is) literally a Fox News viewers dream.

Fox News most trusted (methodology)
PDF format
Sample and Methodology detail

MSNBC's Chris Hayes ran a segment last night that included a granted biased, perspective on how Fox News could yield such survey results. Notwithstanding, I stand committed to the survey as a testament to the fact most older white news viewers tune-in to Fox News and the SSI methodology should come under a bit of scrutiny.

Chris Hayes

Great points Chris, but don't forget the survey methodology, Chris!

If you would like a bit more regarding the Quinnipiac "Fox News Most Trusted", The Daily Kos offers this....

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