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Thursday, March 12, 2015

"The 47" Ignites Social Media

"The 47"
As we witness US History via the the existential reality of the GOP, the level and scope of the party's failures continue to stack-up.

Social media is flame with comment about "The 47." It appears the only person in the US Congress who is gleeful about "The 47" and their dumb strategy against President Obama, it is John Boehner and his House SNAFU with Netanyahu. We should add Marco Rubio to the glee list based on his declaration he would "do it again. His name should be added to the names of conservative money-brokers power brokers and Bill Kristol's Emergency Committee for Israel.

We offer two examples of social media and "The 47" and we cannot share the authors names, as the pieces were crafted and shared without revelation of authorship.

Unknown Writer

47 traitors thought they'd hatch a plan
47 traitors thought they'd bully Iran
47 traitors decided to write a letter
47 traitors should have known better
47 traitors are beating the drum
47 traitors hoping war will soon come
47 traitors who broke the law
47 traitors cause hate sticks in their craw
47 traitors set out to undermine our president
47 traitors prison should be their new residence
47 traitors trying to destroy our democracy
47 traitors while showing the world their hypocrisy


Unknown Writer "An Open Letter to Putin"

In related news, Republicans drafted a letter to President Putin of Russia reminding him that any sanctions against his country require continued support from Congress.

"He will never use force against you," a leaked draft of the letter says. 

"On that you can depend. And Western European leaders would never sanction war over the Ukraine. So it's yours. 

Just hunker down, ride out the sanctions, and our weak executive, who has no authority to continue the sanctions indefinitely without our consent - which we will not grant - will leave office. His successor will undo whatever he has done. 

So enjoy Crimea - we hear it is lovely this time of year. If you really want to march on Kiev, go for it. Don't expect any military response from our appeaser in chief. There will be lots of smoke but no fire.

"In a way, we are allies. You hate Obama. We hate Obama. We all wait eagerly for a new administration in 2017.

"A Republican administration would be willing to cut a deal to normalize relations in exchange for access to your oil fields by Chevron and Exxon-Texaco. To us, it's all business. We Republicans would never let human rights get in the way of a lucrative corporate contact.

"We are not so different. You have a controlled media. We have Fox news, hate radio, and the Koch brothers (who say hello, by the way).

"You have rigged elections. We have voter ID laws and restricted voting hours and gerrymandered districts. In other words, we will all be around to deal with each other long after Obama is gone. That's how our 'democracy' works.

"So don't trust him. He's weak and his days are limited. Trust us. 

We respect the way you keep law and order and admire how you deal with your political opponents. Perhaps one day over a bottle of vodka we can discuss ways to bring some of those tactics here.

The GOP will be the downfall of the United States! The Pardu-The Progressive Influence

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