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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Factor's O'Reilly "Obama had nothing to do with getting bin Laden!" (Media Matters UPDATE)

What you are about to see and hear is over-the-edge demagoguery with negative intent. Bill O'Reilly recently proven to be the most non-credible, embellishing and lying television personality, programs one of Fox News's most bizarre "leggy" hosts to partake in Obama bashing. The booking of Tantaros was not a surprise as the theme of the segment related to comment from of all people Dick Cheney. Tantaros surpasses all hosts on Fox with her level of zany and well concocted anti-Obama dogma.

Fox News and right wing media continues to offer a platform for the nation's most ancient of conservative dinosaurs and a chief policy framer for the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Dick Cheney is traipsing across conservative media like Tiny Tim "Tip Toe (ing) through the Tulips" , taking shots at President ObamaOf course, the Paleozoic Era relic is an anti-Obama "on demand performance" for Fox News entertainers and fresh "Kool-Aid" for O'Reilly viewers. As audience that is as easily entertained as hunting Ants with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a hot sidewalk.

The following segment was broadcast as anticipated from Fox. Bill O'Reilly and his producers inserted a "red meat" (alleged) democratic strategist who was ill prepared to respond to O'Reilly poking at Obama with no international accomplishments through two terms in office. Sadly, the alleged Democratic strategist, appeared to give-in to O'Reilly's attempt at "gotcha." Before a complete cave to the Fox News chief demagogue, the guest summonsed-up bin Laden. If O'Reilly did not anticipate the response he must have been preoccupied with deciding which international event he would insert himself before the end of the segment. Maybe, he was trying to recall if he was across the field from the bin laden Compound during the raid. He was taken aback and literally fumbled through the last seconds of the interview. O'Reilly may have actually uttered an under his breathe "whatever", after asserting Obama had nothing to do with the killing of the nation's number one enemy. After throwing-out US Intel and Navy Seals as the entities that got bin Laden, The Factor's producer quickly ended the segment. 

Saved by the show producers. Even a novice Democratic strategist would surely report with facts related to the president's ultimate responsibility for the killing of bin Laden. 

 An image such as this was planned to the minute such that all parties gathered in the White House Situation Room.  The order for the raid came from the president with the full consultation of military officers and Intel staff in the room. Navy Seals who raided the bin Laden compound were skilled and courageous military executioners. Men who executed a mission planned by some in attendance that evening and key operatives in the field. Fox News producers ended the segment before the alleged strategist summoned-up the fact that President Obama ordered and authorized teh raid on the bin Laden compound. Within weeks of taking office in 2009, President Obama gave orders for a 90 day operational plan with timelines regarding the bin Laden elimination.

O'Reilly said, "Obama had nothing to do with it," probably sent his viewers off into the night to finish their stove-top tin ball popcorn and beer safe in their dreams and anticipation of the next night's O'Reilly Factor. Problem! You can rest assured the viewers did not end their evenings with thoughts of this:

Did he say, "Hiding in a cave?" 

The problem with demagoguery? It fails to consider archival history and it is more often than not absent of fact while feeding off emotion.



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