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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UPDATE: Fiorina Joins in.....The GOP Ignominious: Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) Shows His True Homophobia; GOP Join-in

Embedded image permalinkA Homophobic GOP Twitter Gallery

Governor Pence comes forth on the Monday after his "D-DAY" Religious Freedom Law and his proud signing ceremony replete with three avowed anti-gay activist.

Pence the full seven minute press statement (excludes the Q and A) MSNBC excerpt....
Let’s also not forget that with several Republican presidential candidates endorsing the new law as-is, Pence isn’t doing the GOP’s 2016 field any favors by quickly looking to add “clarity” to the controversial anti-gay measure.


Pence is either completely misguided psychologically or he is doing what many in the GOP do routinely: lying. I posit the latter. He claims to have been dismayed by the tsunami reaction to his signing the bill into law, but he sat proudly with the three anti-gay activist.

Other attention seeking members of the party have also stepped-up.

Cruz stepped-up like a proud bigot with support for Pences actions well before Pence come forth today with a well rehearsed set of lines and strategic demeanor.
Of course, the ever opportunist Jeb Bush would waddle along like his older brother following Dick Cheney through years of political malfeasance.
And the Kentucky "Chameleon" Rand Paul speaks! DId Paul once claimed to be a Libertarian? If I am not mistaken about his past claims, it seems the political campaign has induced yet another Chameleon change in his colors (excuse the pun). Does Paul "The Younger" remain strong wand unwavering with any convictions?
A notieable absence of Marco Rubio in this Twitter Gallery was resolved today. Rubio, of course joined the chorus as a "full supporter" of Pence and the Religious Freedom Law. Notice Rubio also came-out in support before Pence stood before the press with a Donald Trump like show.

What about other GOP Presidential hopefuls. We know the long-shot candidate Ben Carson's position on the law. 

Since Carly Fiorina has indicated a 90% probability she will join the GOP fray, I wonder her position on the Pence D-Day signing and the Religious Freedom Law? (UPDATE BELOW) We await comment from the future candidate, but rest assured she will avoid the issue until forced to speakout.

Pence indicated over this past weekend he had no idea the signing of the law would generate the level of scope of reaction that has resonated. I suggest a resounding "poppycock." Checkout the net embed.

REALITY CHECK: Almost Every GOP-Controlled Red State May Roll Back LGBT Rights #BoycottIndiana
— The Baxter Bean (@TheBaxterBean) March 31, 2015

You will hear and read the Pence Law is a carbon copy of federal law from the 1990s.  A GOP lie hatched over the weekend that holds as much credibility as Reince Priebus declared the GOP would perform minority outreach and stop acting like the party of old angry white men. 

Update: Fiorina joins other GOP Presidential aspirants in criticizing the media and progressives instead of speaking out against potential discrimination. 

The Hill 

Fiorina denounces Indiana law 'frenzy'

They really do Lock-step very well.  

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