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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The GOP Shows Its Colors And the Shade is "UGLY!

As we move way from the GOP's campaign opportunity for the Israeli Prime Minister, it is fun to watch various reactions. Reaction rising from GOP treason through a speech worth the time expending listening. My personal thoughts center around my strong belief the GOP would never have invited a foreign leader to speak contrary to the current policy of a sitting president, if the president was a white male.  

The Daily Show Jon Stewart's perspective...... (The Daily Show)

Cogent, poignant and point-on........

Shame on the GOP. If we take a video to video comparison of the highlight of fight SOTU and the GOP reception for the Israeli Prime Minister, we witness history in the making. Shame on those who sat on their hands while Obama spoke of minimum wage, jobs, the environment, Equal pay for women and infrastructure. Yesterday they applauded, yelped and raised to their feet with every jingoist and irrational mumbling from the Israeli Prime Minister. The US Congress on yesterday look virtually the same as it appears as George W. Bush (and his war mongering cabal) addressed the US Congress in their charge towards Iraq. 

January 15, 2015 SOTU highlights and GOP on hands....

State of the Union Kiss Cam
State of the Union Kiss Cam 02:01

It was truly ugly and shameful.
Now, for a snippet of the many applause reaped upon a leader who's obvious preference would be an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. 

The GOP makes US History!

Sadly, it will be our children and grandchildren who will join Netanyahu in his war in the Middle East. The Members of Congress, for the most part, have ways of insulting their families from American Jingoism. Congressionals are more than often people who live at the upper echelons of the Us economic strata. The impact of war will again nail the US middle class to a far greater degree then the nation's wealthy. 

Ultimately, with Natenyahu's speech we observed yet another example of failed GOP governance.

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