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Friday, April 17, 2015

73 Years Old And Allowed To Play Cop

Here is yet another case of "I can't believe he is a cop!" If you think a bit more about what you are about to see and here, you might also think about the power of money handed to people who soak up the payments like a dry sponge in the Sahara Desert during a rare flash rain shower.  

You might think of a police departments where a gun sales sting leads to death. Moreover, the death of a man who foretold the cops of his shutting down body: "I can get my breath!" and being told "Fuck your breath!"  

The reality is the murdered suspect was caught (stung) while perpetrating a gun crime. But, being shot in the back while lying pinned to concrete with a cops knee on the back of one's head is hardly a model apprehension.  The act of killing a man while 'playing' a cop is only the reality of wealthy people, who may was well head to the Zoo to "bag" a Lion.  

The video is horrific so I will only link it here. The related story, here.

Now, for a piece from a Friend of the TPI: Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Benjamin T Moore Jr

1.) What is retirement age?
2.) What is the average retirement age for Law Enforcement Officers?
3.) Would you agree, WHATEVER age you pick for #1 and #2 it is less than 73?
I had to explain the facts of LIFE to a teenager a few years ago who was "smelling himself." I pointed out that I was an older man now. I told him, "when I was younger, I might carry you for a few rounds... but now? I'm going to hurt, maim or kill you QUICK! Why? If the fight goes much past 30 seconds, I'm in trouble." Truth be told, I'm not in that bad of shape, but he needed to know that tangling with me isn't a sporting contest. I'm NOT even 60 yet!

If you wanted me to stop, subdue someone being aggressive, I'm not going to go into MMA mode and roll around on the ground with them. I'm going to maim them by breaking several of their major bones, I may cut them several times extremely quickly so they bleed out, or I may simply shoot them. I'm not the one to call if you need to question them following an arrest. I'm NOT even 60 yet!

The entire Sheriff's Department needs to be held liable for criminal negligence! If you owned a trucking company and hired a driver who suffered from seizures, and that driver had a seizure, plowed into a passenger car causing death, guess who is going to have to pay. YOU ARE! You might even go to prison for hiring him if you don't have a damn good attorney. #‎ThinkCritically‬

The ultimate criminal is the system!!!! The Pardu

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