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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

3ChicsPolitico: Obama's Use of "Thug" And The Story Not Told (Gray's Murder)

Re Blog with permission from 3ChicsPolitico

How about some transparency regarding Freddie Gray's Murderers!

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President Obama Needs to Apologize for Calling Baltimore’s Oppressed Teens “THUGS”

I want to be crystal clear here. I do not condone criminal behaviors or violence. Nor do I condone hypocrisy, double standards, and the unjust, unequal administration of our nations laws.
Wall Street criminals, who rob and loot and bad police who beat & kill unarmed citizens are “THUGS” too, if you want to take it there. Words carry meanings & a shit load of POWER, and calling our oppressed teens thugs is not EMPOWERING.
The difference is these Wall Street folks who rob and loot wear Brooks Brothers suits. They might not burn buildings, cop cars, and break windows, but they have destroyed and undermined businesses and job opportunities in these very communities. Are they “thugs” too?

At 4:47 mark you labeled them first protesters, then criminals, & then thugs.
A commenters letter to Obama For America for President Obama:
“Dear OFA,I have stood and fought relentlessly for President Obama since the beginning. I was crushed at him calling 13 and 14 year old oppressed black kids “thugs.” Is this how we lift up our youth who are oppressed daily by an unjust system? Police across this country are killing young black men and boys at an alarming rate and when they dare to resist the oppression they are called ‘thugs’. It’s very discouraging. I’m sure there were ‘thugs’ who waited in line to vote for President Obama in 08 and in 2012. 
Black people get called “thug” all the time by racists who know it’s not wise to say ‘nigger’ in public so they use the word ‘thug’ and the President of the United states is helping to give them cover. 
White kids riot and destroy property when their team loses and no one dares to call them “thugs,” just oppressed black people who are frustrated at a system of institutional racism with no laws to protect them. Now who is right and who is wrong? Are they thugs too? 
The real thugs ARE the Baltimore police who broke the spine of Freddie Gray, a healthy 25 year old man and crushed his voice box. Only a savage thug could do that to another human being. 
My youngest son was profiled a few weeks ago while he stopped at a store to buy a drink. Police ran his plates because he is black, drives a nice car, and has dreadlocks. And he is the hardest working, most respectful kid ever. Institutional racism is real. Our young black men and boys are being killed by real bullets just because they exist in black skin. 
We don’t need the most powerful man in the world labeling an already suffering people that this racist system created “thugs.” 
President Obama needs to apologize!Regards,Obama Supporter

There’s NO excuse for shooting unarmed black men in the back and snapping another black man’s spine either.
No MSM anchor has covered the following incidents capturing White rioters. What is the difference in these folks RIOTING and not being labeled ” If anyone finds a clip of Scott Pelley, or whomever is the news anchor for ABC, NBC
Chris Hayes Spoofs White Power Structure Has No Clue How To Stop Culture Of White On White Violence
Riots In San Francisco After Giants World Series Win
And we’ll end with this clip “Just call Them Niggers”
We’re sure Wall Street folks know what they do is wrong, just like the white rioters after sports events, but are they LABELED “THUGS”?
Notice how quiet the media is today all MUM on Baltimore and protesters. All’s quiet on the media front, the “thugs” have been warned now.
Now how about some transparency on Freddie Gray’s murderers, the COPS.

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