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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Andrea Mitchell Stumbles Badly. Let's Talk Retirement (Video)

"I am Mexican-American......"


Rep. Castro Corrects Andrea Mitchell: I’m Mexican-American, Not Cuban-American

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The segment is troubling from a number of perspectives. First, Mitchell as is often the case with some white people, especially, conservatives assumed the 'brown-skinned' Congressman with the last name "Castro" had roots in the nation of Cuba.

Situations such as Mitchell's stumble are hard to offer comment because of the deep affinity for the ancient news reporter and host. I have long felt Mitchell was in fact a Right of center conservative based on her without exception jumping at opportunity to criticize the Obama Administration. The Castro fiasco exemplifies her high-end baby boomer affliction with paradigms shared by many white high end boomers. She exhibited pure racial or ethnic generalization sprinkled with touch of (frankly) inadvertent deep rooted bigotry.

We cannot simply excuse Mitchell's possible misspeak based on the Congressman's last name"Castro." It would have been professionally simply to clarify his national ancestry just prior to opening the interview. When we callously "supposition," we run into brick walls and embarrassing psyche revelations.

If you are not totally grasping my assertion of white privilege accompanied by blind ignorance to the world in which we live, checkout the next short video.


Did you see the hint? The federal judge was mistaken for a house Maud at a Miami area high rise building by a candidate for political office.  

Watch a local news cast. 

It should be noted the high end Boomer is extremely apologetic for his indiscretion. Well, OK, but another perfunctory apology does not exonerate the sadness, embarrassment and "conferred" privilege denoted via the incident.

I am almost certain Mitchell did the class thing and apologized for her misrepresentation.  Yet, the problem goes much deeper. We are seeing far less attention to managing ourselves in a manner that isn't offensive to some, with more exhibition of assumptions and indifference based on deep social paradigm. If you have move to a school of thought the well meaning (without question) candidate was simply seeking to hand-off a flyer to the "Maud" for hand-off to her employer,  think about that far more carefully. Your paradigm might be showing a similar paradigm. There was no excuse for assuming the African-American woman was a local "Maud." 

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