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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Andrew Mitchell Attempts (MSNBC Day Programming) Conservative Deep Lean

Watch as MSNBC's number two (Day time) conservative host, Andrea Mitchell, attempts to report on Hillary Clinton's 2016 candidacy with as negative a lean as she can muster. During an interview conducted yesterday, Mitchell's guest ,Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), mentioned Clinton international experience. The Missouri Senator received a retort with the first words "Benghazi." After the GOP "Benghazi" rebel yell Mitchell rolled on to Egypt, Libya. Despite common GOP mantra and rhetoric, it hasn't been proven ;Clinton was ultimately responsible for the tragedy at Benghazi. Also, we do not have irrefutable evidence President Obama  was culpableof political negligence by not inserting troops in either country nor proven wrong for refusing to bomb either nation. 

As you view the video, think in terms of a bygone era when journalist (television especially) would craft a question to secure a response the people wanted to hear. 

The response was key regardless of message to the viewing pubic. Olden days journalist would never have phrase a question to advance a political agenda. In the video, Mitchell could easily have inserted the word "conservatives", vs. the words "many people." While her phraseology is accurate, a key point is Benghazi" as conservative utility. There are many conservatives who hold "Benghazi" as a form of Napoleonic Waterloo. The words "There are many conservatives who...." would have been a far better descriptor.

Watch at the 50 second mark of the following video; Mitchell rolled out conservative talking points almost as pointedly as John McCain.

Political agenda, without question!

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