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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chris Matthews Jumps To Rand Paul's Defense From RightWing Operatives

Of all the admiration I hold for MSNBC's Chris Matthews for his stance against voter suppression and outright racism reaped on President Obama throughout his time in the Oval Office, I remain totally perplexed about Matthews's affinity for Rand Paul.

Matthews has avoided any criticism of Paul as The inimitable politicians squirmed around his plagiarism relations. If Matthews was critical of Paul's active participation in signing the Tom Cotton Open Letter to Iranian leadership, I missed that segment altogether. Additionally, I don't recall Matthews ever referencing Paul's stumbling and mumbling interview with Rachel Maddow. The interview in which Paul openly stated he would not have supported the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 due to his aversion for forcing "private" business owners in any way. Thus, he admits he would not have supported desegregation restaurants, hotels and other establishments available for public accommodation. As a matter of fact, after swearing-ff appearing on MSNBC, Paul accepted an interview on the network and Matthews ended the segment with (Paraphrased): "Our proximity of some issues is uncanny." The essence of the paraphrased remarks are actually disappointing if Paul's receives a review as the total (social and political) package. He is a liar, a shifty political Chameleon, who has admitted wanton inclination to "misinform" for personal gain.

Again, why Chris Matthews has adopted an affinity for Paul "The Younger" is totally perplexing.

Apparently, Matthews has literally taken-up the role of flag bearer for Paul. The following Crooks & Liars piece offers insight into Matthews sitting in on another MSNBC show, to wave the Paul flag. And, therein lies a credibility killer for a cable news host who works for a network that consistently has fewer viewers than Fox News and CNN. When Paul flops or suffers more character revelations, will Matthews go on air and admit to being duped as are many voters who habitually vote GOP. 

Before the full Crooks & Liars piece, let's take a quick read of Matthews and his flag waving. 

Love for Paul.....
I can see why people from both parties are going after this guy even on the very day he announces for president: he’s a danger to conventional politics in this country. He’s willing to challenge government intrusion in our lives, willing to challenge America’s intrusion into foreign countries, especially that sad, tragic mission we call “nation building.”
Without regard for Paul's history and his apparently inclination to lie, Matthews lays his neck on a political guillotine. Is it possible Mathews has failed to review Paul's voting record over his short spa in the US Senate? The MSNBC host has no way of knowing the veracity of Paul's utterances.

Crooks And Liars

Chris Matthews Rips MSNBC For Airing 'Goddamn' Right-Wing Ads, Then Airs It Himself

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