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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Conservatives Gone Mad; Jon Stewart, Fox News and Huckabee

This is just insane!

Jon Stewart continues to close out his time on the daily show with cogent and point-on depictions and analysis of (drum roll please)..."Your GOP." The following segment is a bit long, but when delving into a major fraud like Dick Cheney, time is expendable.

If you have just a few more minutes you might want to provide a self-injection booster (shot) of your immunization from conservative America, Fox News and the GOP.

Imagine being a regular of Fox News and finding even modicum of sanity in this 2 plus minute segment.

OK, one more peep at modern conservatism and the toil of false prophets. After this one, you will thank the heavens for your Fox News and conservative vaccination!  Mike Huckabee says, do not join the military until Obama leaves office. Intriguing. 

First, there is a touch of treason in the words, but more significant consider the utter insanity of the man's words.

Would the false prophet ask our young to avoid military service until (he is hoping) a republican wins the White House and the young person becomes fodder for GOP international malfeasance.  Think of the number of conflicts to which GOP leadership would have sent troops of Us bomber plane's  How about the 5,000 US dead (and tens of thousands disabled or maimed) seeking Iraqi WMD while Dick Cheney's Halliburton reaped $39 Billion in no- bid contract revenue? How about holding-off on joining the military when the GOP has consistently and continuously voted against improving veteran benefits?   If you absorbed all of that, how about the zaniness to assume Hillary Clinton would manage her Department of Defense and her lack of interest in showing disrespect to the Islamic Faith any differently. Of course, your cognitive processes went to the next level of ridiculousness; Huckabee would deliver false sermons to people without any inkling of a GOP Victory in 2016: NPR article, here; audio segment, here.

Cuckoo's Nest!

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